This or That Tuesday!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This or That Link Up

Wrap Around Deck OR Screened In Porch
This is easy-peasy. I would much rather have a wrap around deck. I love love love love huge front porches. We paid a lot extra to have a different elevation built on out house to have as much of a front porch as we could. I am a font porch girl. There is just something about a rocker, a cup of coffee, the sunlight and a good book that cannot be matched.

Big Luxurious Bathtub OR Walk-in Closet
Another easy one for me, Walk-in closet. I don't take baths, there is just something about laying in my own dirty water that I cannot get past {yes, I am a germaphobe}. Plus, what girl doesn't want a walk in closet?! Hello space for my shopping addiction!

Kitchen with an Island OR Kitchen with a Breakfast Bar
Kitchen with an island! I have a large kitchen now with a breakfast bar that we don't use as an eating space and the one thing that I always wish that I had is AN ISLAND!!!!

Big Front Yard OR Big Back Yard
Big back yard! My son is a ball of energy and he needs all the space to run around and cause trouble that he can get! Plus we have a doggie =)

Bountiful Garden OR Nearby Grocery Store
Nearby grocery store, I don't garden. Enough said.

  1. I was JUST talking about having a big island in my kitchen the other night! We have the smallest kitchen in our condo and it's my dream to have a big kitchen with tons of counter space. I'm always going over to my Parent's house to prepare big meals because there's just no room here. And wrap around porches are so awesome.

  2. I really, really wish that I was on a deck in a rocker with a cup of coffee, the sunlight and a good book right now. That sounds amazing. Also thank you for making me feel like less of a weirdo for not liking baths!

  3. Hahaha, I feel the same way about baths!! They are good maybe once a year, maybe!! And your front porch sounds like something I need to see!!