Sunday Social- 12/8/13

Sunday, December 8, 2013

1. WHAT IS THE WALLPAPER ON YOUR CELL PHONE? Allow me to be the first to apologize for my shattered screen. I am punishing myself and not paying to fix it right now. I am out of warranty and it is almost $200 to just fix the screen at a mall stand so I put a screen protector on so that the shards of glass would quit falling out and cutting my finger/thumb and I am living the life of a cell phone loser. Her is my wallpaper at the moment:
(Go ahead, judge my email number......I have 5 email addresses on there and I just cant keep up with deleting things, le sigh.)

2. WHAT DO YOU KEEP BESIDE YOUR BED? I am not even going to attempt to say what all is in my nightstand but the things that are right next to my bed are these things:
  • Lip chap (chapstick- usually EOS brand)
  • Cell phone charger
  • Kindle Fire
  • My medicine that I take before bed
  • Pen and notepad (for to-do lists)
  • Usually some kind of candy =)
3. WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE CHORE? Cleaning bathrooms, mostly just have an issue with the toilets and showers, I make my husband do the toilets..... I am a germaphobe and I just can't handle it without having to shower and want to throw my clothes away, haha.

4. IF YOU COULD ELIMINATE ONE THING FROM YOUR DAILY ROUTINE WHAT WOULD IT BE? Definitely wish that I could just snap my fingers and I would be showered and my makeup would be on and hair would be done! Getting ready just takes so long!

5. WHAT DO YOU DO TO VENT ANGER? Wine, yelling and also in the following ways:

(yep, you read it right, I swear like a sailor.)

6. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR? WHY? HALLOWEEN!!!!! Because it is super awesome and fun, duh! I love to dress up and drink in costumes. My husband and I host an annual party each year that is insane and the best day of the year. I make college frat-grade jungle juice and jello shots and we play flip cup and beer pong and we dance our butts off! Oh, did I mention we put up a Photo Booth? Here are two photos from this year's party: (I was a loofah, and it was awesome!)

Sunday Social
  1. Oh! I love this link up!!!!! I love these specific questions to be exact! :) I might just have to link up to this next time! :)

  2. Those e-cards are so funny! I can swear like a trooper when I'm in a bad mood!

  3. HAHA.. I swear like a sailor too! It can be bad sometimes and I'm rather creative as well. And I can't stand toilets or dirty showers.. Rob does our toilets and I normally will spray the shower down while I'm in it and scrub it down every time I shower because I like to smell the "clean"..

  4. And I resisted the urge to go on and on about your emails and other things on your phone-- I have a MEGA OCD issue with having those little "red notifications" on my phone. I have to have my unread emails cleaned and deleted, same with text. If I'm not in the middle of a conversation, the text is deleted. It's crazy.

    1. I'm the same way - no red notifications on my phone, at least not on the first screen. If they're on the second or third screen and I can't see them, I don't care!