A wednesday happy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I am super busy but wanted to post a quick post to say how happy I was to meet a new little man that entered the world! His name is Liam and he was born on 7/14 to my friends, Hilary and Eric. I am so excited to see them parent and experience all that is parenthood together. It is an amazing journey and one that I think they will excel at. Hilary is a nurse and thinks much lie myself when it comes to health type things so it will be fun to see her navigate this first year! Congrats to my dear friends and let me tell you, that little man is a looker!!!!!
Could he be any cuter?! Eeek!

Toddler Tuesday!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
This week is a busy one in the Daniel household. JD is actually in Germany for work although I think with Deutschland winning the World Cup there may be a bit of partying going on over there ;) I am getting ready for out of town family to come into town and for Foster's 3rd birthday party this coming weekend! Busy, happy, fun week! Today I am linking up with Ashley for Toddler Tuesday.
Life on the Parsons Farm
I thought that this tuesday I would share some of the things that I have been doing with Foster lately that he really loved. Toddlers are busy little people and like to be entertained all the time so these are some things that my ALMOST 3 year old (cue tears) has really been enjoying lately.

Foster loves to watch, touch, and learn about other living things. Animals fascinate him, bugs are SO COOL (yuck), he loves it all. On the 4th of July we were at y husband's cousin's house and they have chickens. Their chickens are super friendly and they are able to pick them up and they run around the property wherever they want until it is time to put them away for the night to keep them safe from foxes and other animals. Foster immediately had to ask all kinds of questions about them and hold one. So cute! 

My mother-in-law even froze a giant beetle for him and he held it, so gross!

We took Foster on his first boat ride and he absolutely loved it. He loves trying new things and he was all about trying to help steer, touch the water, looking at the motor. He wanted to experience it all. My little engineer!

Foster has been having an absolute blast at all the birthday parties that he has been attending lately. He loves playing with his friends and most of all he loves cake. It must be all the fun places that he gets to go for these parties that we normally do not go that makes them even more exciting! 

Last but definitely not least.....
yep, he is obsessed with taking selfies.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy thursday, bloggers! Work this week has been busy and fast paced and I'm tired. We have had lots of deliveries, surgeries, and other things pop up that pull docs out of the office to the hospital and so since I don't deliver I stay at the office and do my best to see all my patients and the patients of whoever is having to run for a delivery/surgery. The last few afternoons have been super busy but they go by very quickly. 

Let me be the first to say, this practice rocks. I love the physicians that I get to collaborate with, learn from, and hang out with. The girls in the office are great and I really enjoy working with them along with them doing a great job as support staff for us as providers. I am happy as can be here and so thankful to have found my way to this practice.

Ive been trying to put into words the things I have been thinking lately but the right words haven't been coming to me. This summer has started a new phase of my life (or that is the best word I can think of to describe it) and I am so happy. I am making changes that feel great, refocusing, trying to decrease stress, reading more (which equals sleeping a little less), parenting more, being positive, growing up. 

I think there is something so amazing going on here in the Daniel house. Maybe it's the new job that has my outlook totally changed? Not sure, but bring it on world!

Current projects:
- Party Planning for Foster's 3rd birthday.
- Getting ready for a long girl's weekend in Denver
- Planning for Key West over labor day week with college friends

Current Book: The Summer Hideaway

Things that make me SMILE!

Monday, July 7, 2014

I love when bloggers give us fun prompt to join in on and this one is super fun (in my humble opinion). Who doesnt love smiling?!

I decided to "fly by the seat of my pants" on this one and just list them as they come to mind, no need for planning it out. This list comes easy.

1. TOMS- They make me smile when I wear them, they make me smile when others wear them and they ESPECIALLY make me smile when little toddlers wear them!
2. Colorful sunglasses- they are just carefree and fun. My personal recommendation NECTAR sunglasses, super cute, so many options, and not expensive!
3. ICEEs and the Movie Theater- Come on, can you honestly say when you walk into the theater and see that ICEE machine you aren't giddy like a 5 year old?! Instant smile.

4. Puppies- obvious.

5. Kisses from Foster- They are just so sweet and bring a smile to my face every time!

6. A STARBUCKS drink while I'm at work- You read that right drug reps, keep 'em coming! ;)


For the love of reading...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

One of my favorite activities to do with Foster is read. It is something that I started from the day he was born. I used to sit up in his room in his rocker with him and read to him every night even though he had no clue what I was saying. I have always wanted to instill a love of bedtime stories in him. This is something that I think we have been successful with. He never goes to bed without books and he always begs "MORE BOOKS MAMA!". We usually read 3 each night.
During the day he enjoys a different type of book. He likes the kind of books with tons of pictures that he can name and point out. Books like "Animals" then it will have pictures and names of tons. He enjoys these interactive ones for daytime play. He amazes me with his knowledge.

I think that reading is something that is so important to start kids on young, if you teach them to enjoy reading they can learn so much from it. I was never a young adult who enjoyed reading for fun, I regret that. I read all the time now and it is my favorite thing to do with my free time (or my moments in between busy moments). I am going to figure out how to make Foster a lover of reading through all his ages and phases if it's the last thing I do!

I thought I would share some of our favorite books with you in case you are looking for recommendations:

Foster's Favorite Bedtime Books-

Foster's Favorite Interactive Learning Books-

For us mommas I am going to link a few awesome books I have read lately-