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Sunday, July 6, 2014

One of my favorite activities to do with Foster is read. It is something that I started from the day he was born. I used to sit up in his room in his rocker with him and read to him every night even though he had no clue what I was saying. I have always wanted to instill a love of bedtime stories in him. This is something that I think we have been successful with. He never goes to bed without books and he always begs "MORE BOOKS MAMA!". We usually read 3 each night.
During the day he enjoys a different type of book. He likes the kind of books with tons of pictures that he can name and point out. Books like "Animals" then it will have pictures and names of tons. He enjoys these interactive ones for daytime play. He amazes me with his knowledge.

I think that reading is something that is so important to start kids on young, if you teach them to enjoy reading they can learn so much from it. I was never a young adult who enjoyed reading for fun, I regret that. I read all the time now and it is my favorite thing to do with my free time (or my moments in between busy moments). I am going to figure out how to make Foster a lover of reading through all his ages and phases if it's the last thing I do!

I thought I would share some of our favorite books with you in case you are looking for recommendations:

Foster's Favorite Bedtime Books-

Foster's Favorite Interactive Learning Books-

For us mommas I am going to link a few awesome books I have read lately-

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