Toddler Tuesday!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
This week is a busy one in the Daniel household. JD is actually in Germany for work although I think with Deutschland winning the World Cup there may be a bit of partying going on over there ;) I am getting ready for out of town family to come into town and for Foster's 3rd birthday party this coming weekend! Busy, happy, fun week! Today I am linking up with Ashley for Toddler Tuesday.
Life on the Parsons Farm
I thought that this tuesday I would share some of the things that I have been doing with Foster lately that he really loved. Toddlers are busy little people and like to be entertained all the time so these are some things that my ALMOST 3 year old (cue tears) has really been enjoying lately.

Foster loves to watch, touch, and learn about other living things. Animals fascinate him, bugs are SO COOL (yuck), he loves it all. On the 4th of July we were at y husband's cousin's house and they have chickens. Their chickens are super friendly and they are able to pick them up and they run around the property wherever they want until it is time to put them away for the night to keep them safe from foxes and other animals. Foster immediately had to ask all kinds of questions about them and hold one. So cute! 

My mother-in-law even froze a giant beetle for him and he held it, so gross!

We took Foster on his first boat ride and he absolutely loved it. He loves trying new things and he was all about trying to help steer, touch the water, looking at the motor. He wanted to experience it all. My little engineer!

Foster has been having an absolute blast at all the birthday parties that he has been attending lately. He loves playing with his friends and most of all he loves cake. It must be all the fun places that he gets to go for these parties that we normally do not go that makes them even more exciting! 

Last but definitely not least.....
yep, he is obsessed with taking selfies.

  1. Okay I totally love those selfie pictures! Foster is one of the cutest!!

  2. Omg he is such a little boy and sooo cute! And selfies already!? What a little ham!