Foster's Lorax Party: The Toddler Table & Treat Buffet

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This room was my "pride & joy"! I pined over this treat buffet. The toddler table was a vision from the start, as there was no table when the planning began.

The Sweets & Treats Buffet turned out awesome, I think. Here are some pictures of it as a whole.

The cake was out of this world amazing! I had it made by a local baker who bakes in her home. Her business is called O So Yummy Cakes and her name is Olivia. I cannot say enough amazing things about her. I will be using her for all our of our cakes in the future! Not only did this cake look amazing but it was beyond delicious.
The cake pops that look like loraxes and the truffula tree ones were made by a teacher at Foster's school. She did an awesome job on them and they tasted AMAZING, they taste like angel food cake to me.

The other treats that I had on the table were labeled by food signs that I designed and made in my shop!

The banner above the buffet was also made by me and had the coordinating chevrons =)

The toddler table was something that I desperately wanted. In my head I pictured my little guy surrounded by his friends enjoying all the food, treats and cake but you cant do that when you are 34.5 inches tall and tables aren't built to accommodate you and your friends who range from 1 to 4 years old! Knowing this there was only one thing that we could do..... BUILD ONE! So I picked up my measuring tape and thinking cap and planned out the sizing that I wanted. My father-in-law is incredibly handy and I knew that this would be just the project for him! He was up for the task and I couldn't have been happier. The benches were a great idea because they will be a perfect size for a while even though Foster and his friends are growing. Once he built it I did all the painting. The rest is history! Here are some more pictures of the party table:

On the party table I used a table runner that was yellow chevron (chevrons were part of my theme). I made truffula trees to put down the center of the table that had tulle balls on theme to match the ones hanging from the ceilings all over the house.

I used square plates for the kids in colors that would compliment the decoration on the table and treat buffet. I made the name tags for the kids with different movie characters on them and set up the table so they would know where to sit! The wooden forks and spoons turned out so cute, I ordered them from an other etsy shop, they coordinated perfectly, and the kids actually used them!

The cups were mason jars, which help with spills, with lids and bendy straws. On the bendy straws I made 2-sided loran mustaches so that when the kids drank from them it would look like they had Lorax mustaches! So cute!



  1. I LOVE this so much!!! The toddler table is fantastic! :)

  2. this is amazing! how do you do the tulle poms?

  3. You are so talented! Everything is adorable. Can you please share with me how you did the fuzzy truffula trees?