A Friday Night Wedding! <3

Monday, September 2, 2013

I can't believe that I am saying this but I think that this was my first Friday night wedding! I have been to and been in Sunday weddings but not Friday ones before this!

It was my dear friend Kristin's wedding. Kristin was my very best friend in high school, we were totally attached at the hip and we have always been close! 

I knew that Kristin would be a gorgeous bride because she is always gorgeous! I actually made a sign for her son to carry in the wedding, he was the ring bearer. Look how cute he is and how cute the sign turned out:


The wedding was outside and it was gorgeous out and just perfect for the ceremony. 

The cocktail hour was in the lobby of the reception center which was really pretty and we hung out and had some drinks! 

The reception room was gorgeous and the food was really good too! The DJ played great music and overall the reception was really nice!!! Here are some pictures: 

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