5 on Friday!

Friday, November 29, 2013

1. I literally cannot believe that Sunday is going to be December already, that is INSANE to me!

2. We are now in Ashtabula Ohio visiting family for the weekend! Cant wait to spend the weekend relaxing and catching up.

3. I really need to get on Christmas shopping. Last night I finally ordered a couple christmas gifts online and hopefully I can take advantage of cyber monday!

4. Thanksgiving yesterday was so nice. We got to spend it with family that was here visiting from California that we barely ever get to see. We had tons of fun with my cousins who are 15 and 17 now. I remember them being little kids last time I saw them (which they werent that little because it was only 4.5 years ago at our wedding) but they seem so much older now!

5. I got the files sent to me of our Family Photo Session from a couple weeks ago! They turned out so good and I am in love with so many of them. Wanna see some?
With my parents =)

I'm so excited!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

This Thanksgiving I am thankful that I get to announce that  three of my bloggy friends and I are teaming up to bring you a super awesome link-up!

Can you even contain your excitement?! ;)

Introducing Live & Learn Thursdays!
Starting next week, on Thursday December 5, join the party!
It's easy... just follow your hosts and link up your post! And don't forget to grab our super cute button.

Live & Learn Thursdays are about anything... have you discovered a new skill or recipe? Did you make a mistake at work and it's been haunting you? Would you like to share some juicy celebrity gossip? Or perhaps dish on an embarrassing teenage moment (like the repercussions of over-plucking your eyebrows)?

In subsequent weeks I'll be sure to divulge some of my favorite "Live & Learn" lessons that I've gathered over the years. So stay tuned, and link up next week my pretties!

And now, the ladies who brought you "Live & Learn Thursday"


Of course you already know me, but I'd like to take a moment to introduce the other three ladies I've teamed up with for this exciting weekly link up. Without further ado...

Jamie from U Gotta Have Hart

An un-typical, un-Southern belle with a wicked sense of humor who loves tattoos, her fiancé and her gorgeous fur-baby Levi. She's not shy about calling a spade a spade, and is definitely direct {totally like myself in that way} but has a beautiful heart and soul and is guaranteed to make you laugh! 
I adore her and I am sure you will to once you head over to her blog and check her out!!!

Jenni from Flying on a Rainbow
An English girl who loves all the same things as me: traveling, sunshine, lists, books, and dreaming of being rich {who doesn't?}.  Jenni is in the process of making her house a home and if you read my blog or follow my instagram you know that I am ALL ABOUT the DIY projects and home decorating. There is nothing better than having your house feeling "homey".

Sarah from Life as Always
Sarah blogs at Life As Always about her semi-newlywed life in the suburbs of Seattle. She loves traveling, the great outdoors, NFL football {girl after my own heart}, and beverages served in red Solo cups {yes, please}. At least she did before she got knocked up! But these days she's super excited about her first baby, due this spring! I can't wait to see her turn into a mommy and how her life and blogging changes =)

And you already know me!

So there you have it... the deets on the most amazing link up you'll hear about this year. Don't miss out... hook up with us next Thursday for LIVE & Learn with Jamie, Jenni, Sarah and I!

10 on Tuesday! 11/26

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I am linking up today for "10 on Tuesday" with Alyssa!

  1. My iPhone screen was shattered today by one of the smallest falls it has ever taken (off the desk at work). Clearly I am devastated and need it fixed ASAP, it is like someone taking away my oxygen.
    MAN DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I told myself that I would NEVER be in school again and here I am only 6 months out of school and I think that I will be back in a post-master's program within about a month. Don't ask, honestly my brain can't process talking about it right now. STRESS. I'm a lifer.
  3. Christmas is coming and I haven't bought one single gift. I have only 1 gift picked out. Think I am a little behind?!?!? HELP ME AMAZON!!!!!!!!!
  4. I am taking my son to have repeat allergy testing tomorrow since his last allergy testing was at about 9 months. We are also going to discuss adjusting his asthma meds and take a look at his lung function. Hope he doesn't blow up in the office since these are all the people that I work with now and the Dr and I practice with. ****PLEASE SEND TODDLER BEHAVE VIBES****
    Hoping to avoid one of these!
  5. I have family in from California and they have never met my son before. I cannot wait to show him off tomorrow. It is my mom's brother (my uncle) and his wife and kids. There is only one person on her side of the family that has met him to I am excited to introduce him to more of the family! We will also spend most of Thanksgiving with them.
  6. I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday and today so now I am off the rest of the week for the holiday, yay! I actually wouldn't mind working (weird, I know) but I love my new job and I don't mind working at all!
  7. I need to plan a dish to make both each Thanksgiving celebration that we are going to still, haven't even had time to consider it.
  8. I need to get back on my diet. I have been just maintaining my new lower weight but not losing any more because I have been a slacker. I need to get back in the saddle before I get saddle bags ;)

  9. I am currently so stressed out from yesterday and today that I have canker sores in my mouth, in a matter of 24 hours and enflamed taste buds (like sores) on my tongue. OUCH!
    Bahahahhahaha, who bites their computer??!?!
  10. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (that is all my brain can process for #10)

This or That: Thanksgiving Edition!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Edition!!!!

This or That Link Up

Stuffing or Mashed Potatoes
Mmmmmmm, carbs! Love them both but I am going to have to side with the good old mashed potatoes here. They are just so yummy and the gravy just puts them over the top!

Homemade Cranberry Sauce or Store-bought Cranberry Sauce
Personally, I think it is all NASTY. My parents like homemade cranberry sauce so we always made it from scratch in my house growing up. My husband thinks that no Thanksgiving is complete without the awesomeness of canned cranberry sauce.
My Husbands Opinion

My Opinion!
Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie
Again, I don't like either one (yes, I am weird). My dad LOVES pumpkin pie so I have always baked the pumpkin pie for him since I was old enough to help my mom bake it. My husband likes pumpkin pie but LOVES pecan pie so I usually make a pecan pie for him so that he can have both. SPOILED MEN!

Cooking All Day or Cleaning Up All Night
Definitely cooking all day. Thanksgiving is all about cooking all day. I don't think it feels like thanksgiving if the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade isn't on and the women aren't in the kitchen all day. I hate dishes but I always help clean up anyways. I grew up in a family of 3, me and my parents, so we all helped with everything because there was nobody to split up chores with.

Thanksgiving Day Parade or Football Game
I see no reason to have to choose between these because they don't occur at the same times! I love the parade, it is a MUST on Thanksgiving. That being said, I am {have always been} a die hard DALLAS COWBOYS fan so I never miss their game on Thanksgiving. If you look back at the holiday pictures I pretty much always have a Dallas jersey on, sorry mom!

Must Have Monday- #1

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Welcome to the FIRST EVER "Must Have Monday Link Up Party" with The Crafty Practitioner! The directions and instructions for this link up are lower in this post below my personal must haves for the week!
The Crafty Practitioner
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Here are my MUST HAVES this monday! Link up with me!
Could this really be any more comfy looking? I love things that are comfortable but stylish and this definitely foots the bill. Christmas List, CHECK!

Monogrammed floor mats for my car? Yes, please. After all, if it isn't monogrammed is it even really yours?

This gel polish set is at the top of my christmas list. I am OBSESSED with my gel nail kit and I am the kinda girl who loves super bright/bold nails. I need these neon colors in my life, ASAP.

I am literally OBSESSED with this dress. I fell in love the moment that I saw it. Modcloth is sold out of almost every size so I am PRAYING that they get a shipment in soon because this dress needs to be in my closet and on my body. WORD.

Comfy and adorable. I'm lovin' it!

Sunday Social- Thankful Style!

Sunday Social

This week I am linking up with Sunday Social to discuss what I am thankful for. I just did a post about this for a different link up so I will try and list some different things from what I already told you guys!

I am thankful for our home. Many people don't have a roof over their heads and we have a wonderful one. We built our home and moved in just before we got married (literally like 10 days before our wedding).

I am thankful for family to spend holidays with. It is not always easy to figure out how to split up the time between our families but having a lot of family is definitely a GOOD problem to have! Family is something that I am VERY VERY VERY thankful for.

I am thankful for fantastic and fun friends! This was a picture from the photobooth at my annual Halloween party this year. We had TONS of fun. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, I go overboard! I made my blue loofah costume myself this year.

I am thankful for a "success after infertility mom group"that I am a part of. These girls are amazing. We talk ALL the time. The group is super active and we even have local, state and national get togethers. This summer we had our national get together in Austin, Texas and it was a BLAST! Can't wait for Denver next summer.

Xmas Gift Ideas!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last year we got Foster a ton of Melissa and Doug gifts for Christmas. We got him a kitchen so of course the first thing that we knew we needed for it were foods from Melissa and Doug. They have the wooden foods, plastic foods and also some paper box style pantry foods. He was thrilled!!!!


We also got him a Melissa and Doug shopping cart which is by far the best kids shopping cart. It is metal and heavy and worth every. single. penny. He loved it instantly and he still plays with it every day. It is nice because it doesn't tip over and it is not flimsy or cheap like most of them.

Santa brought him this Melissa and Doug Piano!

Can you tell that we love Melissa and Doug products in our house?

It is no surprise that when they asked me if I wanted to join their affiliate program and post coupon codes I jumped at the opportunity! So here are a bunch of coupon codes that you can use for some christmas shopping!

Enter MelissaAndDoug'sTerrific 25 Holiday Gifts Giveaway! Melissa & Doug is giving away A Gift A Day form our Terrific 25! PLUS: One lucky winner will WIN ALL 25 on Black Friday!