Halloween Two-Thousand-ThirTEEN

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I know this update is delayed but I was slow to get my pictures on the computer to be able to write this post so my apologies!

On Halloween Day Foster's school was having class Halloween parties. They had a sign up sheet so that parents could sign up to bring in snack, other items, or volunteer at the party! I had hubs sign me up to make a "halloween treat" and to volunteer at the party. Since I am not starting my new job for about a week (that will be another post!) I wanted to take that day off and spend it at doing something with Foster while I could!

I decided to make "dirt cups with worms" for the kids. His classroom is called Toddler 1, the age group is approx. 2 to 2.5 years old so I thought the kids would like this!

The kids all wore their costumes and ate snacks! They then played with balloons and did halloween crafts. It was ADORABLE and the kids were SO EXCITED to be in their costumes. When I arrived the other kids were already dressed up and Foster came running up to me and grabbed his costume and begged me to get him in it as fast as possible, SO CUTE!

Our plans for Trick or Treating that night got rained out, literally. Our city, and many others, cancelled and rescheduled trick or treating due to rain and high winds. The kids were bummed so Foster's buddy, Cole, and his family and my parents came over and we got pizza and watched Hocus Pocus and the kids played!

The next night, Friday, we went to Cole's neighborhood (in Ostrander) to go Trick or Treating!!! Auntie Meg was with us which was so fun! Here are some pictures:
Foster is Buzz Lightyear, Cole is a Fireman & Caleb is Captain America!

Foster was so into it this year! He would go up and say "TREAT!" Apparently a trick wasn't an option, haha! After he got his candy he would say "Thank You!". It as adorable and I was such a proud Momma. He tried to eat candy in between EVERY. SINGLE. HOUSE. Hilarious.

Mommy and Auntie Meg know how to Trick or Treat!
Foster was so happy to have Auntie Meg in Columbus to trick or treat with him! 

My beautiful little family

Our little Trick or Treaters

  1. Those "dirt" cups look awesome! That's one of my husbands favorite desserts and I've never made it before! I love your little Buzz too; my daughter was also Buzz for Halloween!

    - Lauren @ Anothermomanotherblog.com