This or That: Thanksgiving Edition!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Edition!!!!

This or That Link Up

Stuffing or Mashed Potatoes
Mmmmmmm, carbs! Love them both but I am going to have to side with the good old mashed potatoes here. They are just so yummy and the gravy just puts them over the top!

Homemade Cranberry Sauce or Store-bought Cranberry Sauce
Personally, I think it is all NASTY. My parents like homemade cranberry sauce so we always made it from scratch in my house growing up. My husband thinks that no Thanksgiving is complete without the awesomeness of canned cranberry sauce.
My Husbands Opinion

My Opinion!
Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie
Again, I don't like either one (yes, I am weird). My dad LOVES pumpkin pie so I have always baked the pumpkin pie for him since I was old enough to help my mom bake it. My husband likes pumpkin pie but LOVES pecan pie so I usually make a pecan pie for him so that he can have both. SPOILED MEN!

Cooking All Day or Cleaning Up All Night
Definitely cooking all day. Thanksgiving is all about cooking all day. I don't think it feels like thanksgiving if the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade isn't on and the women aren't in the kitchen all day. I hate dishes but I always help clean up anyways. I grew up in a family of 3, me and my parents, so we all helped with everything because there was nobody to split up chores with.

Thanksgiving Day Parade or Football Game
I see no reason to have to choose between these because they don't occur at the same times! I love the parade, it is a MUST on Thanksgiving. That being said, I am {have always been} a die hard DALLAS COWBOYS fan so I never miss their game on Thanksgiving. If you look back at the holiday pictures I pretty much always have a Dallas jersey on, sorry mom!

  1. Cranberry sauce is gross.. gross, gross, gross!!

  2. Thanks for linking up!!! I live in New England and my husband would divorce me if I didn't say PATRIOTS ALL THE WAY BABY! .... but really I dont care!

  3. There is nothing like watching football with a tummy full of thanksgiving food goodness :) It's one of my all time favorites :)

  4. I am totally a carb junkie too so it was so hard for me to decide! And I agree... cranberry sauce is just NASTY!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  5. Yes, yes, yes to mashed potatoes and gravy!! And no way to cranberry sauce! Thanks for linking up! Happy thanksgiving!