This or That: Fear Factor!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This or That Link Up

This week is fears so here we go.....

1. Heights or Deep Water
I am definitely going to say that I would prefer deep water. While I dont *love* the idea of either one I am a total chicken about heights. As long as I have a floating device (noodle etc) I am good in the water. I know how to swim so I am not too worried. I do worry about things that live in the deep water but I am going to stop there before I get nervous, lol.

2. Snakes or Spiders
I can say honestly and with every morsel of my being that I would cuddle with a snake before I would go near a spider. I know that it is irrational but spiders might be my #1 fear. They make me scream, creep, crawl, run, hide, cry, act like a toddler, etc.

3. Losing all your teeth or Losing all your hair
I would forgo my teeth because you can replace them with teeth that look better than your real teeth did! Fake hair, not so much! I like my hair so I think I would like to keep it, thanks!

4. No voice or No hearing
That is a REALLY tough one. As a parent I really cannot imagine either. The thought of not being able to tell my son how much I love and treasure him is awful but at the same time I cannot imagine going a single day without hearing his voice. I am obviously partial but the sound of Foster's voice could not be any cuter, I remember daydreaming about what his voice would sound like when he started talking!

5. Eating a bug or Eating intestines
Ummm, seriously?! Neither! But if I HAD to choose I guess a bug? But only if it was like in a candy or totally disguised. You will not see me eating a mouthful of bugs like on survivor or fear factor! No ma'am!

How about you?

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