Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
I am linking up with U Gotta Have Hart today!

Happies for the week:
  • My New job! This qualifies for a post of it's own so that is coming tonight, keep watching for it!
  • Last weekend was our annual halloween party and we had SO much fun! The photobooth pictures were awesome and we got to see so many of our friends which was great.
  • I am in love with At Home Gel Polish kits! My friend Kelli has a kit and we do our nails when I am over there hanging out and helping her (she broke her ankle and had to have surgery, ouch!). They are the best thing since sliced bread, thanks Kel! I plan to get a kit for Xmas, hope the time goes fast =)
  • I found boots that make my heart flutter this week! I CANT WAIT TO WEAR THE CRAP OUT OF THEM!!!!!!
Crappies for the week:
  • I am sick =( I have a cough/chest cold and just feel like crud!
  • I had to take down a ton of listings from my etsy shop to prepare to start my new job so I am in a "hiatus" of sorts between paychecks. This means i'm broke, which is CRAPPY!
  • I was crappy about my diet this week. Instead of losing weight I just maintained, most people would say "hey, thats ok!" but it is really not because I need to be losing because I am on a mission people!!!!
What were your happies and crappies this week? Link up with me!!!

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