30 under 30

I thought there was no better way to celebrate than to update my 30 under 30 goal list and see what I had accomplished since I made it at the beginning of december (12/5/13) and what I left to accomplish in the next year because.... let's face it friends, 1 year till 30. (cue tears and trembling)

I think I have done pretty good since december! Now I just need to get some of the zoos and parks on the list taken care of since the weather is finally going to get better! I also need to plan a weekend away for just JD and I to reconnect. Ahhhh, life.

Today is 12/5/13 and I made this list today. It was kind of late for me to make this because I am 28 and turning 29 in 4 months but I like to set goals for myself because they make me much more productive. Once I turn 30 I will then set 35 goals to complete by age 35 and they will be much more exciting because we plan to have a lot more money and be much more successful by then ;) So without further ado, here is my list:
 photo 30under30list.jpg
  1. You're going to start Elf On The Shelf? I am DEFINITELY considering it! Too many people have bashed it, but I think it is a wonderful activity for children and their imaginations can run wild! I might not go into total detail with putting the elf in such random spots, but who knows. I've been known to cave for my children on many things! ;) I would love to make one of these lists also, so thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love your "30 Before 30" list! I recently finished my list as well. Good luck :)