Live & Learn Thursday: Don't Always Stick To What You Know

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Crafty Practitioner
I am one of those people who tends to find something that I like and repeatedly purchase it/order it/ eat it/ etc. It is not that I don't like trying new things, because I do, but more that I don't like to mess with something that works or that I like.

I have been using the same liquid and powder foundations for like 10+ years. Estee Lauder Double Wear Make Up. I have always liked it, it has great coverage, lasts a long time, and you get a lot when you purchase. Also, it never made my face breakout, I could even sleep in it!

A couple weeks ago I was shopping at Sephora and I felt like I just needed to try a new foundation, something struck me and I felt like it was time. So I grabbed a sales associate and asked her to help me with foundation. I explained to her what I had been using and that I had been using it  F O R E V E R so I was clueless on where to even begin.

She told me about a few and I ended up deciding on "Make Up For Ever- Mat Velvet +" liquid foundation and "Make Up For Ever Duo Mat" powder.

I love them!!!! The finish is amazing. The liquid foundation starts becoming a matte powder type finish as soon as you start rubbing it on. The feel is awesome and totally squashes and sign of grease, the powder is the perfect finishing touch. 

I am so happy that I decided to try something new instead of sticking to what I knew!

The Forehead Chronicles

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let me start off my saying that I am not some crazy fake girl but I have to be honest and say I am fighting this "aging" thing hard core. Knowing that I am about to turn 29 has made me totally conscious that 30 is right around the corner and I am no spring chicken any longer.

One day I looked in the mirror and noticed that when I made expressions my forehead because a wrinkled mess. BLASPHEMY!

I was at the dermatologist for a skin check (important for all peeps out there, noone wants skin cancer!) and I asked her what she thought was the appropriate age to start botox. She said that it depends on your face. She then checked out my forehead and said that this would be a good time for me to start if I wanted to.


Also, she said that I must scowl a lot. Ummmm, yeah I do, darn husband.

I am not one to hide these things and pretend that my forehead started working out and became healthy on its own.

I GOT BOTOX ladies and gentlemen (do I have male readers?).

Here is my before... (I am wrinkling it on purpose)

Here is my lovely picture while the numbing cream was on...

 After a few days shot...

 My final before and after pic... (Yes, I am raising eyebrows in the 2nd one too but my glasses cover them)
I am in love. Seriously, obsessed. I will be getting this done every 3 to 4 months. You can count on it!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

I will be traveling to Washington DC at the beginning of May for Advocacy Day to lobby on Capitol Hill to the State Representatives and Senators for the following Acts:
- The Family Act, S 881/HR 1851. The Family Act creates a tax credit for the out-of-pocket costs associated with infertility medical treatment including in vitro fertilization (IVF), and for fertility preservation treatment for young men and women diagnosed with cancer.
- The Women Veterans and Other Healthcare Improvements Act, S 131/HR 958. This bill would provide increased benefits, specifically including IVF, to veterans who experience a loss of fertility directly related to their service to our country.
- The Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act, S 1056/HR 2144. While the Adoption Tax Credit was made permanent, the Credit is not refundable. This bill puts back the refundable provision so that the families who need the credit the most to adopt children receive it.

These things are SO close to my heart. As our friends know, Justin and I have battled infertility for 5 years. We have gone through 5 rounds of IVF (in vitro) and countless other treatments. These things have been financially crippling and emotionally devastating.

This cause means so much to me and your support would mean the world. No matter what state you live in you can help me. I will be taking campaign letters to the representatives and senators to show them that the people living in their territories care about these acts. I have a letter template which makes this SO simple.

If you have not personally experienced infertility you can instead state how you have seen it impact a friend/loved one.


If you are willing to fill in the blanks in this letter for me please comment below and I will send you an email with the file and info.

Random Ramblings!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Today seems like a good day to just do a general update on life. This will probably be scattered, random, and disorganized but that is fitting because that is what my life is like right now.

Work is going well but it is BUSY. I have been learning new things, figuring out the billing and all the other things there are to do as a provider instead of a nurse. I love a lot of the people that I work with which makes it really nice. Going to work is enjoyable and that is really important. I have great patients (mostly) and making a difference in their lives makes me so happy. Just today I caught a complication in someone's pregnacy that could have caused her to go into labor today at 24 weeks. Those are the things that make my job SO fulfilling!

Foster has been SO FUN lately. He is such a "little man" now. I need to post a general update about him and all of the things that he is doing now because I need to remember all of these awesome moments.

I have been working on trying to organize the house. We got the Ikea Expedit and a new entertainment center for the family room to try and contain some of Foster's toy and books and stuff. That looks nice. I just need a new coffee table now!

Justin has been traveling a TON in 2014. He has almost been gone some part of every week and if he is home a whole week then he will be gone an entire week the next week, it stinks. Single parenting is hard without working full time, but working and this is killing me!

I need to write a post about my forehead. Yes, I know that sounds odd. I got Botox and I am obsessed.

Tax season is upon us and JD and I need to go get our taxes done on monday, praying we get a return!

That is all for now. Watch for some good updates to come =)

The Crafty Practitioner's Oscar Fashion Awards 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Best Dressed Girl of 2014 Oscars-
 I find that Giuliana never lets me down. She is gorgeous and this dress compliments her perfectly. The color is luxurious and the fullness of the gown is so complimentary to her body frame. The neckline shows off her collarbones and with the detail of the bodice of the dress I am so glad that she didn't wear a necklace with it. Having her hair pulled back and a gorgeous glitzy earring was the way to go! Kudos Giuliana, you get my highest mention tonight. You took my breath away and out dressed all the stars, in my opinion! (Did I mention that she was my best dressed at another award show already this year? She is ON POINT!)
Best Dressed Man of 2014 Oscars-
Is there anything to say other than YUM! He is just so hot. Bradley Cooper looked classic, sophisticated, and edible.
Was she TRIPPING ON ACID when she chose this?
I certainly hope not because she is pregnant, at least I hope that is the situation ;)
This is, by far, the biggest mess of the night. That silhouette is all wrong for a baby bump. You need to accentuate it without making you like a man with a beer belly. She needed elastic under her bust to pull the dress in and no elastic under the belly. WHAT A MESS. This designer needs to hide.
Stop it with the statements already-
Can't you just let us like you Pharrell? Your music is awesome, you never age, you are usually good looking then 2014 hits and your hats and shorts appear. COME ON! This isn't classy, formal, fashion forward, anything of the sort. BLAH! Worst dressed man of the night.
Like a glove-
This dress looks like it was made for Idina Menzel, she wore it that way too! The color and fit was perfection. BRAVO! Hot Mama! This was a close contender for best dressed for me. Did I mention that I love Rent and Frozen? ;)
Human Blueberry-
Silk Pajamas? Turned to a blueberry at Wonka's Candy Factory?
Either way, I hate it.
Work, Bitch!
Hot Hot Hot! Kate Hudson knew what she was doing when she picked this, she looks like a million bucks!
Searching for a Stylist-
I am now certain and Anna Kendrick doesn't have a stylist and will be hiring on. This was a total miss and with her body there is no excuse for that.
Gravity won't take her down-
Sandra Bullock just doesn't age. She is gorgeous and her skin is flawless. This color is GREAT on her and the hairstyle was perfect. This was SO much better than the color blocking disaster at the Golden Globes, we will consider that a momentary judgement lapse because she is usually on point.
His hair & Her dress than looks like it has hair-
Nope, no no no. Brad needs to get himself together. And her dress is just not ok. I hate the sheer top part, I don't like the elastic waist placement when you see her from any other angle and I am not digging the sleeves. This power couple missed the mark for me.
Perfect HAIR to compliment the dress-
It is no secret that I love braids. This dress is so pretty and I love the loose, pretty hairstyle with braids and wisps! Maria Menounos looked etherial!
She used to be so pretty-
What happened Portia? Ugh, so bad. looks like a witchcraft map made out of cookie dough.
I love LACE-
and I love Julia Roberts!

Who did you love and hate this red carpet?

Blogmopolitan Quiz

Saturday, March 1, 2014

NIght Owl Venting