Random Ramblings!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Today seems like a good day to just do a general update on life. This will probably be scattered, random, and disorganized but that is fitting because that is what my life is like right now.

Work is going well but it is BUSY. I have been learning new things, figuring out the billing and all the other things there are to do as a provider instead of a nurse. I love a lot of the people that I work with which makes it really nice. Going to work is enjoyable and that is really important. I have great patients (mostly) and making a difference in their lives makes me so happy. Just today I caught a complication in someone's pregnacy that could have caused her to go into labor today at 24 weeks. Those are the things that make my job SO fulfilling!

Foster has been SO FUN lately. He is such a "little man" now. I need to post a general update about him and all of the things that he is doing now because I need to remember all of these awesome moments.

I have been working on trying to organize the house. We got the Ikea Expedit and a new entertainment center for the family room to try and contain some of Foster's toy and books and stuff. That looks nice. I just need a new coffee table now!

Justin has been traveling a TON in 2014. He has almost been gone some part of every week and if he is home a whole week then he will be gone an entire week the next week, it stinks. Single parenting is hard without working full time, but working and this is killing me!

I need to write a post about my forehead. Yes, I know that sounds odd. I got Botox and I am obsessed.

Tax season is upon us and JD and I need to go get our taxes done on monday, praying we get a return!

That is all for now. Watch for some good updates to come =)
  1. "I need to write a post about my forehead." That one made me laugh! Would be interesting to ready what you thought about the botox.

  2. I want to read about your forehead!! Ha


  3. you got botox?? I'm so curious!!

  4. Why did you do Botox? You're beautiful as is.