Labor Day Weekend Away (Family Reunion Too!)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I know that this is a week late but this week has been VERY busy. Now I have to play catch up. Labor Day weekend started with the Friday wedding that I already posted about. It was a great start to our weekend.

Saturday was the annual Rose Family Reunion. This year it was at Tuscora Park in New Philadelphia Ohio. The Rose family is my husband's grandmother's side of the family (that was her maiden name). 
We got up and left early because the reunion was starting at noon and it was supposed to be about 2.5 hours from us.

We got there and our reunion was a decent size this year, it was probably about 60 people. Justin's grandmother is 95 and she was one of 9 and all of the families of those siblings come to this reunion. This park was a GREAT place for a reunion! There were playgrounds, rides, concessions and there was a pool as well! Foster had a blast on the rides. This was the first time that he rode a ride by himself!

We rode the Carousel which was fun!

We also went on a train which Foster thought was so cool and kept pointing at and saying "Choo choo!"

Justin even rode a big swing ride with his cousin, Katie.

There were also games and a water balloon toss which was great because it was SO hot out.

After the family reunion Foster was exhausted! He had skipped his nap and it was like 5pm and he had not slept since waking up that morning. We got in the car to head to Ashtabula Ohio, to Justin's Gram's house for the rest of the weekend, and Foster PASSED OUT.

The rest of the weekend up at Gram's was tons of fun. We love going up there. There is just something about Gram's house that is so relaxing and wonderful. It is like another universe, it has it's own smell (usually food cooking), it's own sounds (clock chiming), lots of people (family!), and it is simply the best. I never had family around growing up after my dad's parents passed away which was by the time I was 11 and they had lived 2 states away so I love Justin's big family. Gram cooks the best pasta, being italian. Just around the corner from Gram's house is The Nort's House.... this is where Debbie, Joe and Auntie Meg live. Debbie is Justin's aunt (Gram's daughter) and Megan is one of my best friends. It is SO nice to see them constantly when we are up there too. Foster is obsessed with his Auntie Meg.

On Sunday morning we went to Brant's Apple Farm to get fresh apple cider slushies and donuts! Foster of course loved this since he never gets donuts normally.

On Labor Day, monday, we had a BBQ and celebrates Justin's birthday with his family (which was at the end of august). Before the BBQ we went in the pool at the Nort's neighbors house and Foster loved it and even went down the water slide on his own a couple times!

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