Never Ever Ever.... Food Edition

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I am linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup today!

Im not what you would call a picky eater but I like things kind of "plain". I prefer not to put too many veggies into things or add to many textures together. So anyways without further ado here we go...

Never ever ever...

will I eat sushi again if it is wrapped in seaweed. I tried to like this but I literally almost threw up. Seaweed is not meant to eat, no no no!

will I understand how someone can hate milk, I think that it is God's gift to earth. I could live on it. 2% all the way. Yes, please.

will I eat an oyster (or I really dont plan to). I have a texture aversion and seeing people tilt their head back and let that slimy gelatinous thing slide down their throat makes me gag therefor I cant imagine attempting it myself (sorry if you like them). YUCK!

will I be a good baker =( I try but I just cant bake!!! I am a great cook but baking just doesn't agree with me. I cant even make boxed brownies. Perhaps it is because I don't even like them.

will I understand how someone can not love bagels. END. OF. STORY.

So, what food things will you never ever ever try or understand?
  1. I totally agree with the oyster thing. Bleh. Love me some milk too.