Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy thursday, bloggers! Work this week has been busy and fast paced and I'm tired. We have had lots of deliveries, surgeries, and other things pop up that pull docs out of the office to the hospital and so since I don't deliver I stay at the office and do my best to see all my patients and the patients of whoever is having to run for a delivery/surgery. The last few afternoons have been super busy but they go by very quickly. 

Let me be the first to say, this practice rocks. I love the physicians that I get to collaborate with, learn from, and hang out with. The girls in the office are great and I really enjoy working with them along with them doing a great job as support staff for us as providers. I am happy as can be here and so thankful to have found my way to this practice.

Ive been trying to put into words the things I have been thinking lately but the right words haven't been coming to me. This summer has started a new phase of my life (or that is the best word I can think of to describe it) and I am so happy. I am making changes that feel great, refocusing, trying to decrease stress, reading more (which equals sleeping a little less), parenting more, being positive, growing up. 

I think there is something so amazing going on here in the Daniel house. Maybe it's the new job that has my outlook totally changed? Not sure, but bring it on world!

Current projects:
- Party Planning for Foster's 3rd birthday.
- Getting ready for a long girl's weekend in Denver
- Planning for Key West over labor day week with college friends

Current Book: The Summer Hideaway

  1. girls weekends sound great esp if it has a cold drink and a beach involved. one day i'm gonna have a one even if i have to be the only girl :p lol