Share the Love- December

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My friend Sarah over at Life as Always participated in a fun link up today and I decided that I should join her! So today since it is DECEMBER {crazy, right?!} 1st I am going to share what I am looking forward to this month!

CHRISTMAS CARDS- I love getting christmas cards in the mail! No, not the plain cards you buy at the store but the cute ones that people have printed with their family photos on them. I love to display them in the house to remind us how lucky we are to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends. It is such a blessing to have so many people who care about us and I love the reminder that comes around the holidays! Plus, who doesn't love all those cute kids, pets and faces hanging in the house?! Here is what our Christmas card looked like last year:

GIVING- I love giving gifts to others. I love thinking of and picking out the perfect gift for someone and then wrapping it up to give to them. I get such joy out of giving, I truly enjoy giving more than receiving! This year I have some things planned that I am really excited to give!

HOLIDAY PARTIES- My new practice has a really awesome holiday party planned that I am super excited for! I also am hoping that my girlfriends and I can plan something again this year that can include our little ones. I think it is fun to have the holidays to get together and have a reason to celebrate.

CHRISTMAS THROUGH A CHILD'S EYES- Foster should really "get" it this year. Last year he LOVED opening his presents and play with them (he was 17 months old at xmas last year) but he didn't understand christmas enough to have anticipation for it. He didn't "know it was coming". This year we get to talk to him about Santa, start Elf on the Shelf, Set cookies out for the big man, all the little things that make Christmas so fun for littles!

FAMILY- The holidays = family and I love that! Justin's grandmother has christmas at her house and it is the definition of a family holiday. Food, food, presents, family, more food, laughter, food, love, more food, and did I mention italian food?

Today I linked up with Natasha at Serenity You

  1. What a cute post! I'm loving all the photos and the Little Guy is sure to love Christmas this year!

  2. Well, it looks like I jumped the gun on the link up, but hopefully it will go up this week and we can join in. In the meantime, I love your list and I ADORE your Christmas cards from last year! Seriously that's one of my favorite things about December, too, and we do the same thing... hang up all the cards so we can be continuously reminded of all the wonderful people in our lives. And I can't WAIT until next year, when I get to experience Christmas through my child's eyes for the first time!