Frozen weekend! {lots of link ups!}

Monday, December 9, 2013

      This weekend was actually somewhat relaxing. On Friday night we were having a snowstorm so we stayed in and watching movies and played in the playroom. Nothing big going on which was nice for a change.

      Saturday Foster was supposed to go with my mother-in-law to a "Train Ride with Santa" about an hour and half south of where we live. A couple days before she decided because of the impending snow that she was not going to go (she doesnt like driving in snow and their family believes the news when they things the world is ending even though it never does). Her work was having an event on Saturday morning for their clients at a local movie theater where everyone would get to see Frozen! So she asked to take Foster to that. I had Justin call her back and ask if we could attend also because not only did the previews look good but this is on The Daniel Christmas Bucket List. She said that we could, yay!
      I honestly would recommend this movie to anyone! It was adorable. My son loved it, girls would be obsessed with the main female duo, and the adults loved it too. The music was fantastic as well. Elsa, one of the mail characters, is voiced by Idina something-or-other who was in RENT (my favorite) and she is married to Taye Diggs (my favorite). Her voice is phenomenal. My favorite character in the movie was actually Olaf, who was HILARIOUS!
      After the movie my mother-in-law took my son with her and my husband and I headed home. I then got the freezer meals and lasagna ready to take to my friend's house and left the house. I prepped these for them since her husband had major surgery last week and wanted to help them out! I took those over and visited with them for a bit.

      After returning home I worked on organizing and cleaning the decoration area in the basement {total mayhem}. While I did this I was baking our lasagna, smelled like heaven!

     Sunday I took my son and went to my Dad's house to watch football and hang out all day. Relaxing day just hanging out with Foster and my dad while Justin stayed home and slept all day.

A boy and his dog!
       I leave you with this, Foster in Christmas Jammies posing in front of the christmas tree with a mouth full of Macaroni and Cheese saying "CHEEEEEEESE!!!!!!".

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The question this week is: What is your favorite coffee shop and signature drink?

This is easy, STARBUCKS! And my go to during the Christmas season is a Peppermint Mocha but if it is not Christmastime then I get White Hot Chocolate/White Chocolate Mocha!

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  1. Your lasagna looks mouth. watering. Looks like that will be on the menu tomorrow!

    New follower! :) xo

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  2. Of course you know that I'm loving this picture of Fosty (like Frosty.. hehe, how holiday-ish) and I'm sad that you didn't bring me some lasagna but I know that when you and the family pack everything up and move to Pensacola, you can cook it ALL THE TIME. Anyway.. I don't really drink coffee and what not anymore but when I did, I was a big fan of Starbucks and loved the Java Chip Frap with a few extra shots of expresso or Chai Latte (iced) with extra shots of expresso. My Parents happen to have the Keurig and you can buy the Chai Lattes.. they are pretty much the same and oh so good.

  3. I want to see Frozen sooo bad! I'll wait until most of the kiddies have seen it haha

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  4. I want to see Frozen sooooo much! Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. I can't wait to see Frozen. SOOOO excited.

  6. Your lasagna looks fantastic! YUM YUM and YUM! I only know how to make a crockpot version!

    I'm having a Weekend Recap linkup on my blog ! Would love for you to be a part of it :)

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  7. Lasagna is my husband's favorite, and yours looks soooo yummy!

    Favorite coffee shop is also Starbucks, of course. My favorite drink (year round) is their hot Chai Tea Latte....relaxation in a cup! :)