So What Wednesday- 12/5

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life After I DewThis week I am saying SO WHAT if....

  • Foster and I stayed in our jammies until 5:15 yesterday. We had a lazy day and watched movies and played with the Little People North Pole Cottage! Judge away.
  • I am on a caffeine binge today and I have already drank half of a mountain dew and I am currently drinking an Iced Coffee. I am TIRED!
  • I havent done any Christmas Shopping except for a couple small online purchases, which havent arrived yet. I did buy wrapping paper, brownie points for that?
  • I sang loudly in the car to NSYNC "Merry Christmas" this morning and my son probably wanted to tell me shut up, he has to love me, right?
  • I have a scar on my neck from stitches, I did this darn thing for cosmetic reasons and it looks worse now, dammit!!!!!!!
  • I dropped my son off at school with a SERIOUS case of bed-head that I didn't even attempt to fix because it was beyond help.
What are you saying SO WHAT to on this Wednesday? 
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  1. Ugh! I had to get up at 6AM and I have no reason to be up now but can't go back to sleep. I am totally needing some caffiene right now or something.