Photos of my Christmases {way} past!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Helene in Between

It is times like these that make me wish I could walk downstairs, open up the cabinet in the glass doored office and rummage through out family photo albums to get a great compilation of photos to share with my bloggy friends.... only a couple problems.....
1. I don't live with my parents and haven't since 2003 unless you count the first couple summers when I was home for summer break from college but even so that hasn't happened since 2006.
2. My parents don't live in that house anymore and I don't even know where they keep the albums at their new{ish} house. That makes me sad.

I do have a few so I will grace you with their presence in this post! I will warn, they aren't my post attractive few ;)

Growing up I was an only child, spoiled spoiled spoiled..... SPOILED. Yep, it is true. My parents loved me to pieces and they loved shopping for me. Trust me, I loved them shopping for me too. My mom was always the BEST at filling my stocking {ahem, Santa I mean}.
Ah, the frosted christmas tree of the 80's, isn't it a beauty?

Our family was always living across the country from us so usually for all holidays it was just my Dad, Mom and myself. I know that to most people they think of "big family meals" and "huge gatherings" when they think back about holidays but that isn't what I remember. Once in a while, however, we would have part of our family come to us or we would go to them, those were rare but awesome occasions.
This picture is with my Grandpa and Grandma Chesnut (my maiden name), they were my absolute favorite. I have nothing but the fondest and most amazing memories with them. I still miss them every single day and wish that they had been around much longer than they were (my grandpa passed away when I was about 10 and my grandma when I was about 12). This was a swingset that I got for Xmas when we lived in Dallas! Short-sleeves at Christmas, yeah buddy!
Here is a photo from a Christmas Dance Recital. My parents always gave me boy haircuts, thanks guys!
This was a Christmas at my Aunt Teresa's (Reisha as we all call her) house. She is my most favorite aunt. We are exactly alike and we are pretty much like sisters. <3
This was the one Christmas when my mom's whole family went to the same place for Christmas, we went to my Aunt Donna's house in LA. It was crazy to feel like we had a big family for once, very memorable! Please admire my 90's bangs, rad!
  1. Awww.. sweet little baby Linds! I'm loving your cousin's DARE shirt too!

  2. i like the idea of just spending christmas with the immediate family, that sounds like a blast, and i am from Dallas! so cute with the pic in the swing!

  3. I love all your pictures! The only time I wished I was an only child was at Christmas. Lol...just kidding. (Sort of.)

  4. I am loving the 80/90's pictures.. man did people have good hair back then.. hilaious :) - great blog.. having fun reading all your stuff!

  5. I love the bangs, I had those growing up also!! And the frosted tree!!!!!! And I'm almost positive I have the same D.A.R.E. shirt as the kid sitting next to you.

  6. The frosted tree is awesome! I totally had 80's bangs and the sky high fan like hair sprayed to the sky! Oh boy, good times!

  7. You can tell that kid sitting next to you, that I have the same DARE shirt as him! Haha! Love the old school photos!

  8. Love all your pics, so so adorable! The one with your grandparents is my fav :-)