{Sunday Social} These are a few of my favorite things!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's that time of the week again, Sunday Social!
Sunday Social
  1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? I am not a huge fan of ice cream normally but when I was pregnant I think I ate it most days in my 2nd and 3rd trimester. My 2 flavors of choice were Homemade brand Cookies and Cream and UDF Cotton Candy Flavor. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  2. What is your favorite smell? Very appropriate to this time of year I love the smell of fresh evergreen/balsam. There is nothing like the smell of christmas tree. I like to buy candles, soap, air fresheners, etc all in this scent. I can't get enough of it!
  3. What is your favorite TV commercial? I rarely watch commercials anymore because I have had DVR for probably a decade but lately my life is like this commercial:
  4. What is your favorite day of the week? Saturday! I get to spend the whole day with my son and husband and we can do whatever we want. We get to sleep in (till about 9 when my little guy gets up), we get to just enjoy every moment of the day with him. Also no dread of knowing that the next day is monday (although I don't mind work days but DH does).
  5. What is your favorite article of clothing? My american eagle super super stretch skinny jeggings. They are the most comfortable jeans in the whole world, I wear them all the time. Normally the first thing that I do when I get home is change into sweatpants but these are so comfortable that I keep them on and dont even need to change!
  1. Those T MOBILE commercials are hilarious! Especially the one where the guy tries to steal it and then doesn't want it lol

    That cotton candy looks delish!

    Stopping by from Sunday Social =)

  2. That commercial is hilarious! Being in South Africa this is the first time I've seen it! Those pants are awesome! I love it when jeans just feel so great! Stopping by from the Sunday Social link up!