Happies & Crappies- Friday 12/13

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
I have to start off my saying how much I love this link up, so fun! Lets start off with the Crappies so that we can end of a "Happies" note.
- My weather app tells me that it currently feels like 3 degrees outside, that is so cold, BRRR!
- My job situation is still crappy and I am still mad about it and sulking (are you sick of that yet?)
- My little guy has a tummy ache and has woken up crying for me a couple times tonight, poor baby!
- I still have christmas shopping to do, ahhhh!
- I have TONS of wrapping that needs done, STRESS.
- The biggest crappy of all: I have a paper cut... yep, the worst!
- Today I have dinner and drinks with the girls at the Wine Bistro... that means WINE, CHEESE and good CONVERSATION. YESSSSS!
- Christmas movies on TV everyday? SOLD!
- My christmas tree makes me happy, period.
- This blogging thing is great, I am doing it way more often and I am loving the connections that I am making with other bloggers.
- My fridge is starting to finally get christmas cards on it and I LOVE THAT!
- My christmas cards came in on wednesday night and they are all addressed and ready to go, shipping out today (FRIDAY!).
- My son is adorable and loves to RUN across the room to give me huge hugs and kisses, is there anything better than that in the whole wide universe? No, no there isn't. It completes my world.
While some really tough things have happened in the past week and we are going through a really rough time due to my job loss I cannot do anything but know how lucky and thankful I am to have my son and family this holiday season. We have a christmas tree with presents under it for him and he loves me unconditionally. That is all I need, the rest of the things in life are a bonus. I prayed and begged and pleaded to be a mother and now I am. I said that was all I needed and I was right, it is all that I need.
sap. sappity. sap. ;)
  1. I can't relate to the cold weather.. as you know, when it's 40 degrees here-- we think it's cold. Foster is so cute so I'm sure that it's precious when he gives you lovin'!

  2. Oh no, sick kids suck! I hope he's ok!! And, I hope it arms up!
    I'm in a shitty job situation right now too. It's awful! I hope yours gets better!!

  3. I hope Foster is feeling better. Your job situation sucks but you are so right to focus on the love for your family - that's what the holidays are all about!