Must Have Monday and a Link Up Event Announcement!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Welcome back, I know that Mondays are everyone's least favorite day and this one might be one of the worst because many people have to return to work after a nice long break. Hopefully this fun link up can brighten your work day a bit if that is the case for you.

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On wednesday, January 1st, that is insane to me. I am going to have a special one time link up for the new year! Mark your calendars, put an alert in your phone, write on your hand {like in middle school, haha} but whatever you do make sure you remember to come back here and grab this button and link up with me to share your New years Resolutions for 2014!

The Crafty Practitioner

On to my must haves. Is it sad that I have things I want right after the holiday? I actually didn't get too many actual items for christmas. I got a couple practical items and a couple gift cards {that I haven't used yet}. Now that I have a son I really worry more about telling people what he wants and making sure that he has a good holiday. Justin and I no longer shop for each other either. Perhaps in the future, when we are more financially sound, we will go back to buying for each other.

The Crafty Practitioner
So here are the things I am considering getting in the next few weeks:

I am needing some new chapsticks because my lips are chapped!!! The winter has been doing a number on them and I have heard fantastic things about the FRESH brand Sugar lip treatment.
I am not actually considering buying this, but I wish that I was. It is the Erin Satchel from Fossil, but costs nearly a whopping 300 bucks.
The expansion packs for our Cards Against Humanity game. This game is our instant favorite and you make have read my post about it HERE.

  1. The Fresh lip treatment is the best!! I got it a few years back as a sample from Sephora and fell in love with it. You should totally get it your lips will feel so soft!

  2. Cards against Humanity is just too fun to play. I have been looking at the Fresh lips too you must tell me what you think if you decide to get it.

  3. I just played Cards Against Humanity for the first time ever about two weeks ago! Happy Monday!