So What Wednesday

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

                                                                    Life After I Dew
This week I am saying SO WHAT IF...

  • my son loves watching movies, he doesn't just sit there and watch them, we play while they are on.
  • my diet has gone to crap. I love food that is bad for me, ugh.
  • I hate baking so I am making a non-baked item for the cookie exchange that I am going to on sunday. Trust me, you wouldn't want to eat anything that I baked most of the time.
  • I am still sulking about my job. I get at least until christmas to be devastated and act pathetic, right?

  • I havent even told a ton of people about my job fiasco because I don't want to talk about it! I still can't believe that I got caught up in legal "grey areas".... F!
  • I have watched tons of Christmas movies already, I dont mind watching them lots more times.
  • So what if I spent the entire day reading blogs and wrapping gifts, I deserved it! 
  • I drank wine at 12:30 on monday, is there anything wrong with that? 

Now I shall leave you with some HILARIOUS ecards that I found and cannot stop laughing at for yoru viewing please. We all need a good laugh on hump day!

  1. Yeah.. SO WHAT-- Monday you and I had an early cocktail hour together! And I watched Home Alone twice yesterday, back to back!

  2. I agree food is bad for us all (I mean more than the allotted cals acc. to our body types)
    But it seems to find me:(

  3. Sorry to hear you have job issues. There's nothing wrong with no-bake items. Two of the things I tend to make for pot lucks aren't baked and one requires minimal ingredients (rice cripies, marshmellow, butter, and some cappucinno mix). Pretty hard to screw up. Also nothing wrong with wine at least you made it past noon. I'm fairly sure I've heard they drink wine at lunch in Italy. Also, here (in Germany) they have actual breakfast beers, so...yeah I wouldn't feel bad about it lol.

  4. Boo to diets during the holidays! Don't worry about it and get back on the horse in January is what I say. And yay for day drinking, always. :-)

  5. I have watched so many Christmas movies someone needs to take the remote out of my hand!!! Hope the job situation gets worked out.