The Crafty Practitioner's Red Carpet Awards- Golden Globes Edition

Monday, January 13, 2014

Carpet season is just that, CARPET season. I don't watch the award shows, I only watch the red carpet specials. I live for the fashion home runs and flops. It is great to see how takes a chance and who decides to wear something classic and perfect. Every carpet show shocks me and I can never get enough.  After much deliberation and voting (by me, myself, and I) these the awards that I am issuing for the 2014 Golden Globes...

Crafty Practitioner's Favorite Look of the Night:
Work it, Maria! The hot pink is fantastic and the gold is a perfect accent, especially because gold is so hot right now {insert Zoolander face here}. If I had her body I would be calling around trying to get an imitation of this dress!

Most Unexpected Mess from Head to Toe:
Hayden, Hayden, Hayden... how did you miss the mark by so much this time?! That hair! That dress! That neckline! Those shoes! Ugh. Fire your stylist, quickly.

Your Stylist Needs a Raise:
Ms. Margoulais is just timeless isn't she? Her skin always looks flawless, her hair is fantastic, her dress fits her like a glow. Her stylist did a damn good job. Consider this a virtual back pat!

Are You Colorblind Award:
I love Sandra, I really do, but this is bad. The baby pink and baby blue on one dress is a disaster. Look away, it will burn your retinas if you look directly at it too long.
Bangin' Body Award:
She has children and look at that figure. She works her ass off (pun intended) for that shape. The color is amazing on her and compliment the simplicity of the dress so well, if this was plain black it would not be as stunning. This jewel tons puts it over the edge. Rock it, Reese!
The Look that causes me Inner Turmoil:
I love Julia, her movies, her personality, her red carpet interviews, all of her. BUT this dress throws me off. If she just took off the button up it would be fabulous. Her makeup and hair look great, her figure looks awesome, its just that shirt! Is she harnessing her inner Meryl Streep  and Diane Keaton?
Is it legal to look that good when pregnant? Olivia Wilde needs to kiss her stylist and her trainer.
Just Cast as "The Purple People Eater":
Oh wait, she wasn't dressed up as the Purple People Eater? Crap, this is just really bad then.
Crack Kills:
Or in this case it kills your ability to dress fashionably... or ever appropriately. 

and last but not least my other favorite of the night...

Etherial Perfection:
This is just so pretty. I feel like it is classic and might even be vintage. If not, I want it when it is.

And there you have it. Until the next red carpet event..

  1. I love Maria and Reese's dresses. So pretty and perfect on them. So disappointed in Julia that shirt was just not right.

  2. Your categories were fun! I could only sen half of sandra B.s dress and was confused about why you hated it then scrolled down and realized she missed the mark.

  3. I actually don't watch the award shows or the red carpet stuff, but I totally enjoyed your recap, thanks!

  4. This almost makes me wish I would have watched the Red Carpet. Hayden looks great!