December Bluum Box

Sunday, January 5, 2014

This was our first month receiving a Bluum Box. Foster was really excited to open it and so was I. Isn't the box cute? {Yes, sometimes the simplest things excite me}

This is what we saw when we opened the box. A neat card that tells how many months old Foster is, has a coupon for 50% off for a friend and some other info.
This is what was under the card! I love that they use the recycled paper screeds to pad the box, the look nice and keep everything safe in my opinion!

Play-Doh Mini 4 Pack:
Foster immediately said "out this!", which mean open this in Foster-talk, the moment he saw the play-doh set. For real, he loves this stuff. This helps him develop hand-eye coordination and also work on his colors. A fun activity that promotes learning, love it.
Dreambaby- Bath Toy Bag:
This is a great thing to have, we just happen to already have a bath toy holder like this in his tub. I think that we will put this one in our bathroom now that he uses our tub sometimes! So this was great timing because he just used our bathtub for the first the other night. These things are a MUST for bath toys. They allow them to dry out and keep from mildewing or molding and they keep the toys out of the bottom of the tun so other people can use it is needed as well.
Nature's Bakery- Fig Bar:
Foster has not tried this yet. Not really something that I think he would like. He is a super picky eater and is on a hunger strike right now {no clue why, maybe too much to play with rather than eat}. I am definitely going to try and get him to eat it though. It is organic so that is a plus!
Kandoo-Flushable Wipes:
Another item with great timing! We are getting ready to hopefully start potty training or at least trying out Foster's new potty that he got for Christmas soon and these with be great to accompany it. Gotta keep that honey clean!!!
Clairvoyant-Soothing Lip Balm- Wild Honey:
Yay, something for mommy! I have eternally chapped lips so this is perfect for me. And it is winter in Ohio. Can I say it again, PERFECT.TIMING.

Bluum is a great deal! If you are interested then follow this link and check it to get 50% off and try it out:

  1. This sounds like a great idea! How long are the subscriptions and up to what age does it go?

  2. I've never heard of a Bluum box. Y'all got some awesome goodies. My son is on a hungry strike too right now! Getting him to eat has been such a struggle for the past few weeks.

  3. How fun is that !!! I totally am gonna look into this for the little one thanks for sharing link :)

  4. Looks like a good box, and a variety of items.