Must Have Monday: Grammy Fashion Awards

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Crafty Practitioner
My plan for this edition of Must Have Monday was to share my must have fashion frocks from the Grammy Red Carpets last night but truly I think there were many more flops than there were spot on choices. So, I am going to share my awards for the fashion at the Grammy's.

Best Likeness to a Corpse: Sklyar Grey
If I were interviewing Skylar I would probably have to ask her if she was attempting to look like a corpse or going for "Silence of the Lambs"? Excuse me but WHOSE SKIN ARE YOU WEARING?!

HOT HOT HOT: Giulianna Rancic
She is always on target. This number is the PERFECT color for her complexion, it fits her like a glove, she shoulders look amazing. She is tied for best dressed on the night for me. What a hot-mamma!

Breaking Amish- The Grammy Edition: Madonna
Seriously?! I mean, SERIOUSLY?! and the cane?!

Classy Simplicity: Martina McBride
She looks phenomenal. Her eyes stand out, her hair looks great. The color suits her! She didn't try and go over the top or crazy flashy, she went with what made her look good and good she looked!!!

 Best Dressed Man: John Legend
Thank you, John. I so appreciate a man who dresses appropriately for the occasion and looks dapper. I love the traditional suit with the satin touches and the bow tie. He looks clean, cultured and sexy. Sing to me, John!

Bad Batch of Crack: Steven Tyler
He must have snorted a bad line of crack when he picked this out. He looks ridiculous. He also looks like a doll stand is holding him up.

Most Awkward Couple: These People
Whoever they are they look silly.  She makes him look miniature. Is he wearing tweed?!

Best Dressed Female: Taylor Swift
The shimmer, the glitter, the silhouette, the hair, the make-up, her eyes, her figure... she is perfection ladies and gentlemen!

What must you have this monday?

  1. Guiliana looked amazing and Martina is flawless. Good pics!

  2. Skylar's dress does look like skin! scary! New follower via the Share the Love Blog Hop.