Foster's Favorite Toys: 2.5 years old

Friday, January 3, 2014

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Honestly, I cannot believe that later this month I will be the mommy {I refuse to say mother} of a two and a half year old. How did that happen? Foster is ALL BOY. He is active, full of energy, spunky, sassy, rambunctious, rough {most boy moms know what I mean} and so very loving.

He is now really into showing affection by giving hugs and kisses. He really puckers up and it is adorable. There is nothing that can melt my heart quite like my little guy saying "more hugs, more kisses" and leaning in with open arms and a pucker! Seriously, this is the stuff I live for. 

This is the stuff that Foster is living for right now:

{1} LeapPad2-Monsters University Edition- This was a Christmas gift from Auntie Meg, and her parents (Justin's aunt and uncle). Foster cannot get enough of it. There is a game on it where you can have a digital pet and feed and care for it. He chose the cat and he is obsessed with caring for it. He will run around the house and say "My cat! My cat!". This keeps him busy in restaurants or still when we need to. I think this will be a great trick at the doctor and other places where we need to try and keep him in a chair or kind of quiet. We will see! So far, this is a hit.
{2} Imaginarium Rescue Train Set- My parents got Foster this wooden train set. The neat thing is that  this set is made to fit with thomas the train and a couple other kinds of sets. Therefor, this is something that we can expand. Foster has lots of fun driving the train around it and being that he is still kind of young he likes to drive his matchbox cars around this too. Keeps him entertained for a long time, which mom and dad like.
{3} Toy Story 3 Villains Figurine Set & {4} Toy Story 3 Heroes Figurine Set- Is there any toddler boy that doesn't love Toy Story? I know mine does. He calls the movie "BUZZ!". He is really starting to develop an imagination so he likes to take little figures and make them walk around and say "'hi" to each other. It is adorable to watch his mind grow like this. These figures are perfect. 
{5} VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station- This is a really neat train set. The edges are a bit higher so it stays on the track really well and it drives itself around. There are some spots that you have to help it (like crank it up the hill), so we have to help him a little but I am sure he will learn how to do that. Foster really loves this. It is currently set up in the middle of the floor in our family room {don't judge me, ; , fine judge me}.
  1. these look fun enough for me to play with!!

  2. My son got a train set for Christmas too! He absolutely loves it and he can stay entertained for hours!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog - and I love seeing all the cool things your son is into! My son is only two months old but it's cool to see all the things he may be interested in when he gets a little bigger!

  4. Your kiddo is a similar age to my niece and nephew (twins). I'm always keeping an eye out for possible birthday and Christmas gifts.

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


  5. Oh my goodness! If only you had posted this before Christmas, I would have been set with ideas to buy my nephews! Those toys look so fun! Looks like Foster is one lucky boy! :) Thanks for sharing your favorite things with us!