Live & Learn Thursday- Dancing Your A** Off Can Cost You!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Crafty Practitioner
Welcome to another week of Live & Learn Thursday. This link up is really starting to catch on and it is so fun! I am glad to hear that others are enjoying it too. This week's installment by yours-truly is very important and can save you a heap of money.... fo realz.

This past weekend I learned a very valuable lesson, dancing can not only MAKE you money but it can COST you money. No, I didn't buy a lap dance or anything like that {get your mind out of the gutter!}.

My friend, Jennifer, was turning 29 last Friday so we planned a fun-filled night out to celebrate. We went to dinner at a swanky restaurant down in the Short North called The Pearl. Columbus is actually the 5th rated "foodie-town" in the U.S. and this is the #1 restaurant here right now. They just opened around a year ago {maybe a little less}. None of us had been there before so we were very excited to try out this special joint. I had received recommendations on drinks and food from people that I know ahead of time. We had 7:15 reservations and got there to have a drink and hang out while we waited for our table. I got an awesome beverage called "Pim's Punch" with fresh cranberries in it!

After sitting down we received two appetizers for free from a waitress that went to highschool with my friend, how awesome is that? Here is what we got:

Jalepeno Corn Spoonbread
Crispy Fried Curds

They were really good. We also ordered from seafood from the oyster bar. The birthday girl and her husband order oysters and Justin and I got peel & eat shrimp, which were phenomenal and huge. The entrees were fantastic as well, I had fish & chips over gruyere grits.

We had plenty of drinks flowing at dinner and after dinner we headed for the bars. If there is one thing that any of my friends can tell you it is that when I go out drinking I WANT TO DANCE. I may be the whitest chick ever but I still wanna shake it and embarrass myself when I am out having fun. No sitting and chatting for me.

We went to a bar that had dancing called Cantina and got a table for our husbands to sit at then headed straight for the bar on the dance floor. The drinks were flowing, the music was loud, the dancing felt good. Im sure we looked like a hot mess towards the end of the night because we might have been decently inebriated {wink wink}. Suddenly I met my new best friend for the next 15 minutes, another Penn State Grad.... lord help me. Why must I do this.

I ran to the table to get my phone and show up my fan-ness. After completing my friendship and moving on we went back to the important stuff, dancing!

Fast-forward about 15 minutes and suddenly I realize that my phone is gone from my pocket. OMG! Cue freak out. I began pacing the dance floor staring at the floor {probably zig-sagging}. It was nowhere to be seen. I raced to the bar and asked if anyone turned in a phone (HA!), the bartender basically laughed at me. I had nothing else that I could do.

On the way home I called Verizon and placed a hold on my service. The next morning I had to go drop $640 on a new phone because I had a new iPhone 5 that was only a little over a year old. FML! So this is what I have now:
It is a bright coral iPhone 5c and it adorable. But I would much prefer my cracked screen phone that I paid for already.

Lesson: When inebriated you can be pick-pocketed without noticing because people are creeping all over the dance floor anyways. So, if you plan to bust a move you are best to leave your phone at a table or with a babysitter.

We have a super awesome Co-Host this week- Erica from So Much Sunshine. Her blog is linked below with the hosts of the link up. Check her out and see what lesson she is teaching all of us about today!

  1. Oh no, that stinks. Did you try using the Find the Phone app? It can lock the phone too.

  2. Oh no, that really sucks! I always keep my phone fastened tightly away... Not that I get to go out dancing very much any more!

  3. I always put my phone in my bra! There's no getting in there!!

  4. Oh no! What a terrible way to end such a fun night! But your new phone is super cute...

  5. Oh man, that's the worst! :( but hey, your new phone is very pretty!

    Linking up for the first time! :)

  6. I am sorry that your phone was stolen! At least you are having a good attitude about the new cute phone!

  7. Yikes! That was an expensive lesson! LOVE the coral iPhone, though! :) (Stopping by from the link up!)

  8. Oh no!! I was reading this post wondering where the story could possible go wrong, because it sounded like you were having such a fabulous evening, and then.... dun dun dun!! Tragedy!!! OMG I can't even imagine. I would lose my shit. The new phone is super cute though, at least!


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