Live & Learn Thursday- Oh, The Things I Learn on Instagram

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome to another week of Live & Learn Thursday everyone!
This week I am lightening things up and I am going to share with you the most important things that I have learned about life on Instagram {which I am addicted to}.

Ready, Set, GO!

If practicing medicine doesn't work out for me I can always sell margaritas from fake tits!
Janelle and her mom are apparently capable of smiling when in each others presence, this was shocking to me. They must not have been talking about "KEEFUHHHHH".

I learned that I have been doing my makeup all wrong because if I was doing it better I could make myself look like this:

{pretty sure she has 2 brain cells}

Yes, yes I did read that wrong. I guess this taught me that I have "dick on the brain" but I think that my husband would be the first to argue that point with me.

Some people really do have eyes on the back of their head. Literally.  However, my mom did not, such a liar! ;)

No matter what my selfies are just not matching up, I have GOT to work on my self skills because someone's mom just pulled this off:

Dog-wearing..... Well I didn't even "wear" my baby so this isn't likely to happen but I am not going to say never. Did you know people wear their dogs?!

Look at this carefully.

yep, backwards and totally weird. OUCH! That is a fashion trend that I learned about on Instagram.

There can never be too many imitation Amanda Bynes photos, I laugh EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

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  1. I must be doing instagram all wrong, I've never seen any of these! Those shoes! The dogwearing!! Mind = blown.

  2. How are you finding these on instagram!? These pictures.... OMG sooo many laughs in the office! How does someone walk in those shoes!?!?! They kind of freak me out!

  3. Goodness, those shoes are strange! Must be from Lady Gaga's closet. Oh man, KEEFUHHHHH makes me laugh, every time!

  4. These are seriously some of the funniest pictures that I have seen in a LONG time. That orange girl is something else! Haha

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I would seriously fall in those shoes!! Jenna Marbles is hilarious. Her videos on Youtube kill me.

  6. KEEFUHHHA! This was too funny! Your best L&L yet!

  7. These are hilarious, and I am obviously not following the right Instagram accounts! LOL