Must Have Monday Link Up

Monday, January 6, 2014

Although I have been trying to avoid it, at some point I am going to have to give my best friend a "big boy" room. To any non-parents this probably sounds like such a silly thing to fret or stew over but it really does make me sad. I think some parents are probably thinking that it was exciting and a "new phase" that they got to experience with they little one. For me, it is a mountain of thoughts and emotions.
- How can my baby be outgrowing his nursery?
- How can I slow him down?
- Will he still let me rock him to sleep?
- Will he want his mommy in the middle of the night?

and the even scarier questions
- Will my nursery turn into a dusty empty room forever?
- Will I have the strength to go in there when it again become the room where only a dream lives?

I spent years dreaming about the nursery that I would create up there. I spent so much time making it perfect for the miracle pregnancy that I worked for so hard for. We put up wainscoting ourselves (with help from a friend's dad), I painted the wainscoting, I painted the walls, we added shelves in the closet, I sewed his curtains myself, I built and sewed his cornice board, I altered his crib skirt, I made his decorative pillows, my husband and father in law built a wooden wall shelf for him. So much LOVE went into this room. I will not and cannot paint over it or redecorate it. It is "the nursery". I was actually featured on Chic & Cheap Nursery and HERE is the link! 

 When I was painting Foster's room a song came on the radio that had become one of "my songs" while I was going through infertility treatments and some deep depression. The song was "Fix You" by Coldplay. I was in the closet painting and the song came on... I remember it so vividly. I reached down, put my hand on my stomach, and I just started crying. I got down off the ladder and I crumpled to the floor in his closet, I laid there on the floor in his closet for at least 30 minutes just crying and thinking. I couldn't believe that I was pregnant and I was painting that room for MY baby. Something so simple to most people, truly most people probably dread that painting job, but I wouldn't have handed that brush over to the Pope. The song still stops me in my tracks and takes my breathe away. It takes me back and I can literally feel the pain and that I used to feel while listening to that song.

Enough sad stuff, this post is about must haves =) So these are some things I am looking over and feeling that I "must have" for Foster's big boy room when I am strong enough to start working on it.
Wooden Letters with roadways on them! I love having the kiddos name in the room since we carefully picked it.

Loving these PBK sheets!

Umm, there is no cooler toy box than this for a car/transportation themed room. Right?

Love the idea of the pennant banners going from the corners to the center of the room, maybe some checkered thrown in.

Magnetic car stripping with metal cars that can be driven around on it, coolest thing ever!!!

Car shelves are a must for Foster's room. He takes an arm full up to bed very night.

Another option for magnetic road stripping.
What are your must haves this week?

  1. I love all the thought you put into the nursery and that you will in Foster's big boy room! It's going to be perfect.. just like the nursery and just like him. What are you going to do when you get pregnant again and have a little girl? Will you repaint the nursery then? I can't wait to see Fosty's new room (you don't have to say Big Boy-- new room works). It will be awesome, for sure!

  2. Oh those are some great ideas for the big boy room. I am adding watching your kids grow up to fast to the list of reasons I do not want to have kids! Just Kidding, but I am sure it is sad.