Live & Learn Thursday- Cats & Christmas Trees

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Crafty Practitioner
As many of you read on Monday we added a new member to our family, a sweet kitten/cat named Tonks! She is 6 months old and full of energy. She gets along great with the dog and so when my husband was out of town this week and I was working long hours I let her stay loose in the house with the dog, all has gone pretty well.

Me being the insanely busy person that I am right now, with a new job I just started (I joined a new practice) and Justin traveling a ton, I have not even started taking down my christmas trees {one in Foster's room and our main one in the family room}. I know this is sac-religious but what is a girl to do when she just doesn't have time?!

I came home from work on wednesday night and Tonks was bouncing off the walls. Foster and I picked up chinese take-out {go ahead and judge me us} and we were sitting at the coffee table eating {go ahead and judge again, seriously go ahead, I don't care} watching Ice Age when all of the sudden the Christmas tree starts to shake. I snap my head over and stare at it. The whole thing is just quivering and the ornaments are shaking.

All of the sudden, half way up the tree from the side facing us, the cat burst from the tree!!! Ninja style. Holy shit. I had no idea this was possible. Maybe because I have always had very overweight cats, or old cats, but none of my cats have ever attempted this. Until Tonks.

Repeatedly throughout the night I would look over and see sights like this:

She was bursting out the sides trying to attack the ornaments. While this was hilarious and entertaining I had to reprimand her because I am pretty sure she was close to breaking my ornaments and taking my 9 foot tree to the ground.

Lesson: Kitten + Christmas Tree = Jungle Gym

  1. That is just the cutest thing ever!! My kitty used to play with the bulbs from the ground, but she never got INTO the tree! Glad nothing was broken but seriously, adorable!

  2. Cat photos = win. Add in a Christmas tree?

    Perfect. ;)

  3. Aww I bet she looks so cute! Hope she doesn't do any damage though. I thinks cats see everything as a challenge!

  4. Oh my gosh that is so, so cute! Cats love to climb stuff like that, I remember them pulling one of our Christmas trees all the way down when I was a kid! :-)

  5. Oh my goodness, that's hilarious!! But she looks so cute in there!!