That time I filled my toddler's stocking with LUSH cosmetics...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I am one of those girls who gave up baths once I was old enough to take shower and I never looked back. The thought of laying in water that is filled with the dirtiness I am trying to wash off is just disgusting to me. The only time I am in a bath is basically large outdoor jacuzzis.

I read on someone's blog {yes, I read blogs, I don't just write one} about LUSH Cosmetics. They looked interesting and I thought "well, that looks fun, I will get some for my toddler!". At this point I know what you are thinking "WHO THE HELL GETS LUSH COSMETICS FOR THEIR TODDLER!?". Like I explained before I adamantly refuse baths so when I saw how cute this stuff was and knew that I had to see it with my own eyes, I really though "I can experiment on my child!". That's what we have kids for, right, to experiment on?! (totally kidding).

There is a LUSH store in one of the malls here close to my house so I went and entered this amazing, yummy smelling place and my eyes lit up. It is like beauty product heaven. If I had to be a robber this would be on my "top 10 stores to hit up" list. Alas, I am no felon. An adorable sales girl helped me and showed me how to use the things I was interested in. I went in for one bath bomb, maybe 2, and left with almost $40 in bath goodies. One lucky toddler {read: spoiled}.

Here are the goods that I picked out:

{1} Red Fun- Bright and cheery Red FUN brings sunshine to your tub. We add a perky dose of orange and mandarin oils to each batch. Just one whiff and you'll be traveling through a sunny mandarin grove! For best results we suggest lathering a piece up in your loofah for a quick pick me up in the shower, or crumble into bath water for an extended orangey soak. Whether you use this at sunrise or sunset your mood will surely be brighter.

{2} Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb- (no longer available- was a Christmas 2013 item)
This bath bomb is like a pass the parcel gift – each layer has something different to offer. This is not for a quick bath because it takes its time, this bath bomb. Its layers of golden lustre, dazzling colours and soluble gold stars are a wonder to behold. First take some time to shake it, listen to the little rattle from within and try to imagine what’s in there. Then drop it in your water and revel in the sweet orange and cognac oils.

This video was not made by me but shows the bath bomb in action so I wanted to share how cool it is!
{3} Luxury Lush Pud- (No longer available- Christmas 2013 item)
The first thing you'll notice is the deep purple color of the base, studded with polka dots of color that float to the surface making pastel islands in the water. Then you'll inhale the magnificent aroma of lavender oil, sweet benzoin and comforting tonka absolute. You may recognize the scent from our best-selling year-round bomb Twilight. Sink in for a fluffy, frothy end-of-day soak, relax, release your worries and emerge for a restful slumber.
{4} The Comforter- When life is getting you down, crumble The Comforter under hot, running water for passionately purple water and creamy, comforting bubbles. This massive slice of vibrant fruitiness gives you the feeling of being enveloped in a warm hug and gently consoled by the friendly fruity aroma of a blackcurrant candy. It was created to bring a real sense of comfort to people, just like a real comforter would. Snuggle in, and stay undercover until you’re ready to face the world once again. Even better, each bar creates two baths of fruity comfort.  

Check back for reviews of each product as we use them {Yes, I said we, I am forcing my toddler to share because this stuff kicks as*}.

  1. Omg I never thought to do this with my little one! I too don't take baths anymore but my kiddo is obsessed with baths !! I am totally gonna go get her some now :)

  2. Maybe, just maybe-- if I had a huge jacuzzi tub.. I might consider a bath every now and again but I would get directly into the shower when I was done!

  3. I love baths, especially when I'm sore. It's a good place to get reading done too. If you feel icky you can always follow it up with a quick shower, which is what I tend to do. I have actually yet to order LUSH stuff, and I'm not sure I ever will. Everyone raves about them, but they seem kind of expensive. My favorite place is Moon's Harvest. Last time I spent $60 including shipping and got 2 large bath bombs, a bath cookie, 4 bubble bars, 2 melt-aways, and 2 moon glow tub cakes, and they had a thing where they were sending 6 bath bombs with a $50 purchase. If you make baths a regular thing, I would definitely look into them. I ordered in August and haven't had to restock yet.

  4. I do love baths but it has been awhile since I have taken one. Those all sound amazing and would get me to take them more often!