I am back!

Friday, August 2, 2013

I am back to the blogging world! After an extended vacation (Can one and a half years be considered a vacation?!), I am back! I cant wait to get this blog up and running at a fully functioning level. I have so much going on in my life and so much that I need to be sharing with the world!

So, where to begin? Should I start with a recap of my blogging history? Ok!

My first blog was about my journey with infertility. It was a place where I poured out my feelings and emotions. A place where I could let it all out and really express things that I wasn't putting into words out loud. I am not a "sharer"..... at least not when it comes to the really tough things in my life. I tend to bury those things and keep them to myself. Therefor that blog was a place or me to share but with "strangers". These strangers soon weren't strangers, they were "friends". A lot of them were walking similar paths to mine and some that were just searching to find a path to walk. I didn't share this blog with barely anyone that I knew "in real life" because it was just too raw.

My journey with infertility (trying to conceive baby #1) consisted of 8 rounds of Clomid, 7 IUIs (most with injectable medications), and 2 rounds of IVF (1 fresh and 1 frozen). Then a miracle happened.... we were pregnant.

A new blog was born... "Worth the Wait". This blog followed the end of my pregnancy, which ended early due to severe pre-eclampsia, and the beginning of my life as a mommy. This blog should have been used a lot more but the truth is I just got wrapped up in being a mom. I stayed home with Foster for 11 weeks and then went back to work full time. Oh yeah, work, did I mention that I was an RN? Well I was and at that time I was working as a full time RN Case Manager. Foster was sick A LOT when he was little and so between work, being a new mom and his illnesses I just got too busy and blogging fell to the wayside.

Something that I forgot to mention in this history is that I learned a lot of things from my battle with infertility. One thing was that I loved reproductive endocrinology and women's health in general. I was drawn to it and I wanted to make a difference. I applied to grad school and was accepted to The University of Cincinnati into the Women's Health Nurse Practitioner program. I paid for my first semester 2 days before I found out that our second IVF worked and we were pregnant. Everything happens for a reason, right?

In January 2011 I began grad school and never looked back.

Foster Everett was born on July 22nd, 2011 by emergency c-section at 12:55am, only minutes past 36 weeks. He weighed 6lbs 14oz. and was 19.4 inches long. He cried and the sound of his cry changed us forever. After all that we went through and all that we did we were finally parents. We made this amazing little person and he was ours.

In January 2012 I opened an Etsy Shop, this would be the "crafty" part. I know, I know..... she works full time, has a baby, is in grad school and now she opens an etsy shop?!? I have ADD and I don't know the meaning of the word "relax", ok?

My shop is called That's So Cute! I specialize in custom invitations and party decor. It has been a huge success and I love doing it. (I am about to launch a new logo and re-brand in the next couple of days also!)

In April 2013 I graduated from UC with my Master's of Science Women's Health Nurse Practitioner degree. I graduated with a 3.84 GPA (tooting my own horn!). On June 26th I passed my national boards so I am board certified!!!!! This would be the "practitioner" part.

There you have it, "The Crafty Practitioner".

  1. It's so good to see you in the blogging world again! Huge congratulations on your nurse practitioner degree! So much good stuff going on. Very happy for you :)