Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Helene in Between

My 9-5 is more actually an 8:30-5 (work day). But clearly my day consists of a lot more than just the work day. This will be my normal work day agenda!

6:30- Wake-up, shower, get ready, get Foster up and dressed.
7:30- Leave the house for work (Justin takes Foster to daycare every day unless he is out of town)
8:30- Day starts in the office. Here is a picture of my new desk area at my new practice =)

9:00- Patient appointments start so this means I won't be at my desk much from now till lunch.
1:00- Lunch
2:00- Patient visits start again
5:00- End of the work day, drive home.
6:00- Get home and cook dinner, eat, hang out before Foster's bedtime.

8:00- Fosters bedtime (books, cuddling/rocking)
9:00- Catch up on emails, blog, work, etsy, etc.
12:00- Bed

What is your 9-5 like? Go link up with Helene!!!

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