Always, Sometimes, Never

Thursday, June 12, 2014


I always...
- wear my seatbelt, total lifesaver if you ask me.
- drink caffeine in the morning, it is necessary for me to survive and thrive.
- hug, kiss, and tell my son "I love you" before bed.
- wear makeup when I leave the house.
- choose red wine over white. Every. Single. Time.
- drink milk with popcorn.
- say "I love you" to my husband before ending a phone call.
- sleep on my side with a body pillow between my knees.

I sometimes...
- wear my jeans for a week before washing them. Ha, they are so much more comfy after they have been worn once or twice.
- lose my temper.
- drive too fast.
- wish I was able to say "NO" to things when I want to.

I never...
- lie. It is bad karma. I believe that the truth is far more liberating.
- wear socks to bed, I would probably die of overheating.
- enjoy really hot summer days, I am a spring and fall girl.
- even considered being a stay at home mom, I love my career!
- thought I would be as amazed as I am by my son.
  1. I always wear socks to bed and all the time unless i'm wearing sandles or flip flops. this was a great post. and you learn alot.

  2. I just saw someone from 'Levi' say you should never wash your jeans! So going a week is nothing! :) I don't wash mine every time I wear them either. I agree, they are comfier the longer you wear them!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. As long as there is no stain or anything I've gone as long as week without washing jeans too. I also never sleep with socks. Too uncomfortable.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. i used to wear socks to be in college: I had a special "bed" pair that never touched the ground so they were "clean" in my sheets!! now I don't have as many phobias about cleanliness.....