Advocacy Day 2014: Day 1 (Tuesday)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

This year I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Washington DC and participate in Advocacy Day with Resolve, the National Infertility Association. It took place on May 7th and let me tell you... the planning took months!

Back in January they announced the date so me and several other girls who know each other from an infertility support group started planning our trip. For me, personally, this was something that I wanted to attend and support on a personal level and on a professional level (since I specialize in women's health and treat infertility).

Without further ado, here is my adventure to Advocacy Day 2014:

Four of us were leaving from Columbus on the same flight at 7:59am on tuesday morning. We were bright eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to get to Washington!
 Such a short and easy flight with gorgeous views. One hour in the air and we were landing in D.C.
 We headed to our hotel and met up with our other "roommate" who had flown in on the redeye overnight from California. Cindy is something of a celebrity at Advocacy Day, she gave an awesome speech last year that I have heard a lot about and she is just overall a really great and inspiring woman! We grabbed a taxi and we headed to Georgetown because, well..... it's Georgetown!!!

 We walked around Georgetown and took in the beautiful sights, drooled over the town homes, gawked at the shops and of course decided it was time to eat! Eggs benedict, yes please!
 After breakfast we hit the shops (HARD!) and I got this awesome fedora, much to my husband's dismay because he hates when I wear hats. Sorry husband, don't care! I rocked this hat like no other most of the trip.
 We walked down to see the Potomac which was gorgeous and then decided to head for the famous cupcake shoppe that is on some tv show (yep, you read the right, I have no clue what show and I haven't seen it but who am I to turn down a cupcake?!)

 It was quite yummy and the place was swamped!
We then trekked over to find the exorcist stairs! Creepy cool!

 After that we literally walked about 4 miles through the neighborhoods of Georgetown from one end to the other to get to The Dry Bar. The neighborhoods could not be any more perfect, all the brick, shutters, big windows, flower boxes, old detailing, high ceilings, ugh... someone give me the deed to a home in Georgetown!!!! We all had appointments to get our hair done (and a blowout bar) for the reception that Resolve was hosting that night for all the advocates and staff. The Dry Bar was such a neat place and they did a great job with my blowout!

We ran back to the hotel and got changed for the reception and grabbed a taxi to the Senate Building. Yep, you read that right... We got to party in the Senate building in an actual caucus room!

 I got to meet Keiko Zoll, which was awesome! She was so nice and it was crazy to meet her after watching her youtube video and sharing it with others for years.

 After the reception we had dinner reservations at Founding Farmers which is a farm-to-table restaurant. This place is a must if you are going to D.C., it was delicious!

(Wednesday, actual Advocacy Day, coming in the next post!)

  1. it is such a fun area! I went to DC for a conference last year and explored Georgetown (and Georgetown cupcakes!!) and loved it!

  2. it looks like you had a great time!! washington d.c. is one of my favorite cities. there is always sooo much to do.