My Summer Bucket List

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I love posting things like this because they sort of make me accountable. It is not that I won't do them but sometimes I forget things that I intend to do or I just need a reminder that I have things I need to get done. Can you tell I am a to-do list kind of girl? 

1. Read, Read, Read (5 books)
2. Go to the pool
3. Go to the Ballantre Splash Park
4. Go to the Splash Pad downtown at the Scioto Mile
5. COSI (science museum)
6. Go to the Zoo (and feed the giraffes while there!)
7. Grill out with friends
8. Go to 2 concerts
9. Go to the Splash Pad in Powell
10. Go to Mingo park
11. Soccer lessons for Foster
12. Swimming lessons for Foster
13. Get ice cream cones as a family
14. Play in the sprinkler
15. Become successful at the new practice that I joined

I can't wait to tackle this list and have already started my summer reading!!! What is on your summer bucket list?

  1. I love your list! I just posted mine today too and added a link up to the bottom for people to share theirs. You should add yours :)

  2. So many great things. I definitely want to read more books. Here lately I'm just reading parts of books. In the past I could read at least 1 book in a night. and so forth. but now a days I can't stay in a book for too long.

  3. Where is Mingo park? Also, there's a metro park off the Scioto Mile downtown. I think Foster would enjoy it. Ballatrae is on my list to do but Im not sure if mine are too old. I really want to take mine to the Topiary Park downtown.

  4. Great list! Actually -- I've been reading your blog for years and not sure why I never made the connection to you living in Ohio (I live in Powell) until I saw your picture at the top of a doctor office website (that I very unfortunately had to visit:( ). Anyways --- wanted to mention that we go to the Goldfish School in Dublin and they are AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. Would highly recommend! (BTW --did you join a new practice then? I wish you the very best!!!)

    1. Did you know that you are a no-reply blogger so I cannot email you a reply? You should fix it! =) That is so crazy that we live so close to each other. I did just join a new practice and I start office hours there next week. Columbus Women's Care =)

    2. Hey! Sorry! Just saw this! I have no idea how to make myself a "reply" blogger! I don't blog (even thought I should with all the crap that I have going on in my head!)...hope your new practice is awesome! Oh...and I just realized when i replied before that I never mentioned that the "goldfish school" is a new place for swim lessons :)