Mighty Mighty Boston

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Back in September we added another member to our family! This is Boston Olivander Daniel, he is a Vizsla. He was 12 weeks old when I picked him up from the breeder and he was a ball of sweetness. I did a lot of research about what kind of dog we should add to our family. I wanted a "bigger" dog, we have always had smaller ones, and I knew that because of the size I needed to find a breed that would be a good fit for our family.

After all my research I really must say I don't think there is anything more fit for our family than a Vizsla. 
On the ride home from the breeder.

Can you say precious?!
 Bella is always a great puppy-sister so we knew should would do great. She did, as usual! She was so excited to meet him and sniff him and welcome him to the house. She showed him all the mischief he can get into and just how much she likes to bark, thankfully Boston thinks the barking is unnecessary (seriously, thank you God!!!!).

Napping on the couch his first night home.
We really didn't plan to get our new family member as a PUPPY but when I decided on this breed I just couldn't find a young adult to adopt so we had to. Let me tell you, puppies are so hard and so much work. Boston does NOT like the crate that well and was lonesome his first night so he slept in bed with us and has ever since (spoiled!).

The adventures of Linds & Boston:

  1. He is so adorable!! That face and the puppy snuggles make all the training worth it!

  2. OMG I just love him!!! Clearly I'm biased but Vizslas are seriously the best ever!!! We love our little Vino Rose so much! I don't have kids yet but these two (we have a Weim and Vizsla) are our kids. They are such amazing breeds (identical other than size and color) and we will never not own them!! Boston is adorable and I wish I could cuddle him!! Enjoy his tiny-ness!! I swear Vino was huge in a matter of 4 weeks!