Success at a young age.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I have given lots of thought whether to write this post or not but, honestly, it needs to be written. Even if for nothing else than my own mental sanity. I do not intend to offend anyone or insinuate that all people act in this way because I know that is not the case. It just seems to be more common than not and what I have run into a lot.

What is so threatening about a young woman who is successful? I know that it isn't necessarily fun to have someone younger than you as your supervisor or requesting things of you but sometimes it is just going to be the case!

I find that having had my master's degree and being a board certified Nurse Practitioner already in my 20s is not the norm. I knew this going in but I don't think that norms should dictate what I do with my  career. What I didn't expect was the huge amount of resistance I would have to fight against in work scenarios afterwards to command authority and respect.

I thought that I could be the real normal "me". I could be friends with everyone at work and just be fun and real and they would respect the few things I need from them because, well, thats just how it works. Well, that isn't how it worked. So I find myself trying to navigate this space and draw back from my friendships because these "friends" aren't respectful when they need to be at times at work and they honestly talk because they are threatened.

It makes me sad. I wish it wasn't something that I had to deal with but it seems to not be something that is going to change soon seeing how I am only 29 currently.

Do you find this in your place of work or career field?
(I would love some input on this!)
  1. I find occasional resistance in my work environment based off of my age. I am 25 and a nursing unit manager in a rehabilitation hospital. I am a younger supervisor than all my nurses...This post was exactly what I needed to read right now! Thanks!