Overdue Diet Update

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My diet officially started on September 16th. If you want to see my before pictures you can reference my post that had those pictures right here.

I have been working REALLY hard at this. I cannot lie and say that the diet has been easy, fun, or enjoyable. Or that I have been pleasant all of the time. BUT it is working. For the first almost month I didn't really notice much of a difference when I looked in the mirror except that my face was a bit thinner.

On Friday, October 11th I went into my closet to pick out a dress to wear to my good friend, Hilary's, wedding and they were all too big!!!!!!! I had to run out to target to try and find something new (and cheap!) to wear. When I picked things out and headed into the fitting room I assumed it would be like my normal shopping trip, aka PLEASE LET SOMETHING FIT! Instead, most everything fit but I got to just decide what I liked and what I thought was cute. It was a fantastic feeling. My upper torso has thinned out a lot it seems.

Out with a friend in Cincy!

The next friday we had a funeral to attend for our grandmother :sad face: and I went into my closet (I am beginning to like these moments) and I found a dress deep in the back that I had purchased for my own wedding rehearsal  and rehearsal dinner 4.5 years ago. I had to have it taken in before the rehearsal and my mom picked it up for me the day of and it turned out to be too tight so I could not wear it. So last week I assumed "Well, this will never fit but why not attempt it since its so pretty and happens to be black and white." So I unzipped that dress and slipped it on....... TOO BIG! Around my ribs and bust is was huge! I am going to have to have it taken in this spring so I can wear it to a wedding or somewhere because I love it!

As of today I have lost 21.2 pounds!!!! This not only means that I broke the 20 pound mark yesterday but as of TODAY I also passed 50% of my goal amount of weight to lose. Now I only have 21 pounds to lose to be at my goal weight!!!!!!!! (and this goal was a lot lower than I thought I would really get).
  1. great to hear about your weight loss successes, do you have a post about your diet/plan to reach your goals. i've plateaued and need some tips.

  2. Yay! Love this post! Keep up the great work!