Update on September Goals (FINALLY)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1. Finish My August Book- FAIL! I didn't even get to read ONE.SINGLE.PAGE. this month. This makes me so sad. Things are so busy and I really wish things would slow down because I really need a breather and some "me time".

2. Clean out my linen closet- Success! I cleaned this thing out and got rid of SO MUCH stuff out of there. It went in a giant box and the Salvation Army picked it up. Yay! 
A photo while I was cleaning it out!

The final product!

Go me!

3. Continue doing weekly Menu Planning- Mostly a fail. At the beginning of september I did really well with this but once I started my diet this had to end. I really couldn't plan meals because people in my house cant be expected to eat what I am eating. So the weekly meal planning came to an end.
4. Build Washer & Dryer Pedestal-  
This was what I set out to build:
It was a success! Here are some pictures of me building it and the final product:

5. Pick paint colors for my bedroom walls and stenciling- Painting the bedroom is on hold for now but as you can see I picked a color and painted the laundry room. Here is before and after:

6. Start building my custom upholstered headboard- This is on hold too. The bedroom makeover isn't on my budget right now =)

7. Try and make some time for my husband- We made it to all of our financial classes in september so yay for us!

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