Being kind to me.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

My twenty-ninth year is one in which I feel like I am cleansing my life, heart and soul. I am making changes to make me more healthy, more happy, and more well rounded. I cannot say how good it feels to make many of these changes. It is not easy being a wife, mom to a toddler, work full time at a very demanding job, and do everything else that I do. Life needs balance. This year before I enter my 30s I am finding that balance. Some of the things are tough but they are going to be good things.

I have already completed my twelve book goal for 2014, go me! Reading is one of the most important  parts of my life right now, it gets my mind clear and takes me away from all the stress for at least a little while. I need to post about the books that I have read and let all of you know which ones I would recommend.

JD and I are working on "us". We know that we need to refocus on our marriage and get back to how we used to be before a toddler and before infertility rocked our foundation. We have changed and grown and now we needs to grow back together. We have been together since we were kids (I was 17) and we have clearly gone through a lot of changing since then and its time for us to learn how to rekindle what we have let slide in the last few years. I am excited to see where counseling and a safe place where we have to talk takes us!

Time away is something that we never made room for in our schedule or budget. This year we planned a trip to key west with a couple of friends and we cannot wait to leave in a little less than two weeks. Adult trip for beach, pool, drinking, relaxing, and fun. Sign me up!

The truth is that I am tough on myself, I am my biggest critic. I let myself worry too much about how I might look to others, how others might think of me, etc. I need to not care. I need to BE KIND TO ME and the rest is what it is. 

Besides, with a cutie like this everything in life is great!